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#1 by scarlenzo
2023-01-23 at 18:18
< report >i have'nt tried this series yet. Yes all of its . Seeing as how this game should be(?) and how Unicorn company games i know, should it not be at least mild in content of dark? or even at all.

Why a game like this has urr a rape scene. Like outomo sourin , takeda nobukado and uesugi kenshin force bj or even that one from sequel 5.

i can be like that kind of guy. Well rape is fine but this kind of thing just put a sour in my taste. They should not ruin the expectaton of the setting imo (for me at least) . If it gonna goes like that then just make it rapes first hand XD. And one other reason is becuz the display of other char peepee. It makes me think low of this becuz the mc dick is smaller than those people ,heck around 1.5 times thicker and longer than 1.5times than him


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