Haru no Yuki?

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#1 by phantom-zero-12
2023-01-25 at 14:24
< report >So from what I understand, Haru no Yuki is a trial version for a version of the game that was scrapped and then later rebooted, but exactly how different are they? Would it be worth reading Haru no Yuki first in order to get full context of the development?
#2 by zackzeal
2023-01-25 at 14:46
< report >Admittedly this is second hand information, but afaik Haru no Yuki contains the content for the prologue and chapter 1 of the main game, with some events being close to what we got in the final release but others being scrapped ideas, plotlines and a lot of H2O content thrown in as sakuuta was initially meant to be a tie-in with H2O. It's supposedly pretty bad and a lot of the characters are pretty different from their versions in the main game. Since a lot of it is scrapped and the trial is inherently incomplete there's probably not too much of value in there, but if you're really curious about exploring the game's dev history (which is an interesting venture in its own right tbqh, esp for a game with a development history as tumultuous as Sakuuta's) you could check it out. Just don't expect it to be super good.Last modified on 2023-01-25 at 14:46
#3 by phantom-zero-12
2023-01-25 at 14:48
< report >If it's not considered good I'll probably read the final version first and then go back to Haru no Yuki, thanks for the info!


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