Regarding r102960.4

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#1 by qpo
2023-01-27 at 17:19
< report >It's a clarifier to help people better identify different releases, because the English and Traditional Chinese versions of this game are sold seperately on Johren. I think it's totally acceptable since clarifiers like "NA Download Edition" and "EU Download Edition" are widely used here, otherwise, people may not notice that two releases with the same title are in fact different releases until they open release pages. (For example: ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK)
#2 by Mario3573
2023-01-27 at 18:17
< report >I mean I just feel like it's unnecessary repetition since unlike region you can see the language from just looking at the details. I do get what you're saying about some being separate though, if you want to go add it to all the Johren releases that are like that I won't stop you.
#3 by qpo
2023-02-09 at 15:06
< report >Uh, idk. I'm not against removing it if others find it useless.


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