Can't get Textractor to work properly

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#1 by PoePoe
2023-01-28 at 06:02
< report >Whenever I use Textractor, it only picks up parts of the text (like first few characters). Anyone know how to fix this? I've already tried a previous thread's h-code and running as admin (both the game and Textractor), still doesn't work.
#2 by VertValois
2023-03-05 at 00:44
< report >I had this same problem with a different game.
For situations like this, you're gonna need to learn to use the "Search for Hooks" function. Basically, you click that button, check the "search for korean/chinese/japanese" box, then click through a bunch of text for 30 seconds afterward. Then it'll give you a huge list of hook codes, followed by gibberish symbols. You'll need to scroll through the 100's of lines of gibberish to find a line with the correct Japanese text that was on screen. Doubleclick on that line, set it as the active code, check to see if it's working. If it is, click "save hook(s)" and you're good to go.
It's an annoying and unintuitive process, but once you figure it out, you'll never have hook code problems again. If you want a more in-depth walkthrough, the textractor dev has a video on youtube about how to do this. You can find it if you search for a video called "[OUTDATED: READ DESCRIPTION] Finding hooks with Textractor"
#3 by PoePoe
2023-03-12 at 05:26
< report >After a solid 15mins I found a decent hook, thanks for the help.

For anyone else reading this, HQ1C@480C20 might work. I don't know if hooks are instance based. If not, below you can copy/paste to search. Their the first 4-7 lines at the very beginning of the game. Should make searching easier.

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