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#1 by dreamgifter
2023-01-28 at 06:16
< report >I'm trying to figure out how to search for mobile games ONLY, so nothing that's available on switch, windows, mac, etc. and only available on iOS or Android only. Is there a way to do that? Could someone walk me through it please?
#2 by Ileca
2023-01-28 at 06:27
< report >link

Yes, that's cumbersome. You would expect that inverting ios+android would do the job but you get unintuitive results instead.
#3 by rampaa
2023-01-28 at 09:31
< report >link

(I initially expected link to do the trick but it didn't.)
#4 by Ileca
2023-01-28 at 17:12
< report >What's the benefit of including ios+android on top of excluding everything else? What are the 6 games of difference between your query and mine?
#5 by rampaa
2023-01-28 at 17:48
< report >Your query also includes games that have no releases. See: linkLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 17:49


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