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Is iMel Inc. using MTL?

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#1 by KEVINNGW808
2023-02-03 at 03:40
< report >I check the new release for Boku to Nurse that got official translation from iMel Inc as I already got the FanTL before.

After I look further, they are suspected by some VN players that iMel Inc using MTL after Boku to Joi released.

IF it's MTL, iMel will put some notes. Even no proof that they are using MTL.

Any thoughts or proof that they are using MTL?
#2 by n8marezero
2023-02-03 at 08:13
< report >I read the translation of the second BokuNurse (Joi) last year and it was not MTL. It had far too many human errors that wouldn't happen with MTL. The translator took liberties here and there to localize at the cost of inaccuracy. Translator and editor also let many typos slip through. IIRC Shiravune was credited for the translation in the credits. I also read iMel's IdolDays and parts of TroubleDays, neither of which read anything like MTL. It could be that their latest releases are different and they're now editing MTL.

What is your reason to suspect that they're using MTL? Any actual proof other than the claim "suspected by some VN players?" Why didn't you ask any of those people? If the TL is on Joi's level (ie slightly above mediocre) it should be good enough to read. Aside from the early 20 minutes about hospital life the script is your average nukige.

Slightly OT: My personal interest in the official BokuNurse1 release was whether they made an all-new translation or used the fantranslation after all. The group had taken down the patch years ago after seemingly selling their TL, but nothing ever happened with it until Joi. It's an odd decision for iMel/Prekano to release Joi first, Nurse second. Maybe they weren't confident BokuNurse1 could perform after already having a fanTL, and Joi was a way to test the waters?

AFAIK the only difference between the original BokuNurse and the new release is the addition of E-Mote animations. The all-ages release also has H-replacement scenes made for the console port. If it's like Joi, those new scenes are not included in the R18 version. E-Mote isn't enough reason for me to get this to watch the credits.
#3 by nazim10
2023-02-03 at 13:59
< report >Well, based on This comment from Fiddle, the FanTL sold their translation.
#4 by n8marezero
2023-02-10 at 08:01
< report >@3 Good to know that it turned out well for them after all. It took so long I expected their deal to have fallen through. It's fair to assume they used the same translation as the fanTL, maybe with an extra editing and localization pass.

I reread parts of the fanTL and it doesn't appear to be MTL. Actually, the style is similar to the official Joi translation with the same honorific localization and oftentimes awkward phrasing. Maybe the fan group translated the sequel, too. I'm slightly disappointed OP didn't post any evidence of the MTL claim after my post last week. Case closed for now.


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