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Adding a new title from a brand new producer.

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#1 by Linnette
2023-02-05 at 16:54
< report >First of all, I want to say that I rarely use vndb for this kind of thing, so I apologize if I'm making a mistake from my oversight.

So, I checked M's TOY BOX's site and saw that they have a new visual novel on development, which is also from a new imprint of theirs (Dark Mew!). I checked vndb and didn't see it, and thought of adding the title and producer to the database, but saw from the guidelines,

When it is needed to link the developer or publisher to a release entry. In this case, the producer is required to have released at least one completed product. This means that translation projects and starting developers may only be added when they've actually finished a project.

Considering that their first title is still under development, that means they don't meet this criteria. So does that mean I need to wait until the release date to be able to add them? And is there some kind of, well, waiting list or something similar for this kind of case?
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#3 by Mrkew
2023-02-05 at 17:05
< report >That rule is really there just for non-Japanese VNs because they have a high abandonware ratio.
#4 by Linnette
2023-02-05 at 17:23
< report >#2
I'm sorry, can you elaborate? did I put it in the wrong board?

I see, I don't usually play non-Japanese ones, so I got confused as to why such rule was made. Is it fine for me to proceed and add them, then?
#5 by Mrkew
2023-02-05 at 17:33
< report >#4 Yeah, you can add it without any problems.
#6 by Linnette
2023-02-05 at 18:03
< report >#5
Alright, thanks, Mrkew.


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