Personal Tags & Traits

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#1 by weter
2023-02-09 at 14:02
< report >Just recently saw that there is a personal tag highlight, I have no idea when it appeared, but I was waiting for it forever. Thank you very much for this feature, it makes easier to browse tags on VNs pages

But it would be good to make two other features to make it way more useful: make highlight a separate on/off checkbox and customizable rgb color or at least a green/red color of your choice for each tag
#2 by weter
2023-03-17 at 10:13
< report >Again I don't know when it came out but it seems to be recent, now you can choose "Keep spoiler level" and "Custom color", great, now I am completely satisfied, thanks for the work, maybe just set the default color type in "Custom color" to hex#, because it takes a lot more clicks to copy one color to another cell or to add green to the default list at least (Stand out Green / Stand out Red)
#3 by bassttark
2023-03-17 at 15:14
< report >It was announced in the Suggestions thread t950.1486 a few weeks ago. I also want to thank Yorhel for this feature because it is simply awesome. I have already classified my favorite tags into 7 different colors and I love it!


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