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#51 by orophin
2012-06-08 at 17:04
im tempted to redownload it just to see my time tempted

Well... that's the thing. Clannad doesn't have an in-game counter that tells you how much time you spent reading it. And when something is more than 50 hours long, it becomes kinda hard to guess how long it took you to finish the damn thing.
#52 by justinizhere
2012-06-08 at 17:16
it clearly tells you in the cg gallery or SOMEWHERE time spent, this I do remember for a fact.

and it's less of me caring and more of my curiosity then anything else.Last modified on 2012-06-08 at 17:18
#53 by acewing905
2012-06-08 at 17:23
You dropped UBW?! You do realize that it's a completely different plotline with completely different events and it's not only longer than the Fate route, but it's also pretty much the most action-heavy of the three chapters, and let's not even mention that you would still have Heaven's Feel after that!
Yup, I'm aware of that. But I still got bored. Guess I'm weird like that. :P

Anyway, enough derailing by me, I guess. But I must ask, where in Clannad can we find a time spent counter? Cause I'm sure I have seen those only in F/SN and Katawa Shoujo out of the few VNs I've tried so far.
#54 by justinizhere
2012-06-08 at 17:25
I think it's in the CG gallery, at least that is what I remember.

but this is going on year+ old memory's D:

but I know their is one...either way enough wasted time worrying about how much time I spent in clannad >_> .....atleast until this download is done and I know for sure....NAP TIMELast modified on 2012-06-08 at 17:27
#55 by ipohmari
2012-06-08 at 17:30
You were directing that to #20, not 21. Maybe you'd like to edit it or something. ^.^

I'm very confused. I've held back venturing into Clannad due to everyone saying it'll take up 300-hours to finish. And now orophin and mazyrian claiming to finish it in 80-100 hours? ?_?
#56 by justinizhere
2012-06-08 at 17:37
il know soon as this clannad download is done, and really the length of the VN should not deter you, you can always save o.o
#57 by jakerams
2012-06-08 at 17:47
I really think some people are not telling the truth about their time.
#58 by acewing905
2012-06-08 at 17:56
Or rather their estimations are just way off.
#59 by mazyrian
2012-06-08 at 18:03
@55 Well, it seems some people do take 300 hs, so what do I know. For comparison, I think Clannad is about twice as long as Kanon, or between 2-3 times Da Capo, or a little less than twice Da Capo II, for some comparisons.
#60 by pendelhaven
2012-06-08 at 19:59
the baseball route only leads to a bad end right? Whether the "team" is complete or not after Nagisa's dad got hit by a ball
#61 by horseband
2012-06-08 at 20:31
I want to clarify some things about the length of Clannad.

1. The 300 hour guide is titled that way probably to gain attention. 300 hours is an extremely high estimate.
2. That guide has literally EVERYTHING you could possibly do in Clannad. Half of the guide is just extra random crap and how to get every combination of scene. That adds a lot of time right there. Some of the scenes require you to make specific choices from the beginning of the game in order to get a 30 second long scene. It adds up.
3. 300 hours is most likely assuming you skip NOTHING. IE this means rereading everything you've already read, every time you play a new route. I could easily see the time racking up to 300 hours if you skipped nothing ever.

From my internet travels I've come up with a more accurate number for people who do the following,

1. Skip previously read text.
2. Are only using the main part of the guide and not bothering with all the extra scenes.

90-100~ hours is a much better estimate for a decent reader. 70-90 for someone who is a very fast reader.

Little Busters -
Script size - 2.39mb
Line count- 74,124
Script size- 3.16mb
Line count- 100,432

Clannad is 32% larger than Little Busters in script size (Which is the most accurate measurement). Little Busters is in the neighborhood of 50-60~ hours for someone who skips previously read text and reads at a relatively fast speed. The 32% increase would put it just in line with the 90 hours or so.

For the sake of this discussion I will keep track of my time playing Clannad and once I finish I will come back and post it. After doing Misae, Tomoyo, and Yukine's route I am at 6 hours 25 minutes. (Misae 1:20, Tomoyo 3:45, 1:40 Yukine). If I didn't skip previously read text i'd probably be at 9-10.

it clearly tells you in the cg gallery or SOMEWHERE time spent, this I do remember for a fact.

I'm using the newest release (Full Voice) and I can't find the time played anywhere. I looked in the CG gallery and config.Last modified on 2012-06-08 at 20:42
#62 by mazyrian
2012-06-08 at 20:43
One extra thing: though very complete, the guide didn't say how to reach the baseball end (unless it has been updated since I used it).
Though still, I think I saw a lot of that extra crap, and don't think it amounted to more than, say, 10 hs.
@60 You can't reach any heroine ends since there (don't know if you unlock CG gallery and such), but if you complete the team you do see special credits.Last modified on 2012-06-08 at 20:44
#63 by horseband
2012-06-08 at 20:47

Well if you reread it all without skipping previously read text that extra crap could easily start to add up. It sounds like some people in this topic don't use the skip feature so I could see it adding 30 hours or so.

Based on what I've played I can't imagine someone getting 300 hours tho o_O. Unless they like have played each route multiple times.
#64 by surferdude
2012-06-19 at 17:36
Just a quick question:
Is there a version of Clannad that has voices for the protagonist (like the PSP version of Kanon) ?
#65 by blackiris
2012-06-19 at 18:08
I had kind of expected that maybe the PS3 port would have Tomoya's voice added, but my guess proved to be totally off... so, no - there's no such version.


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