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#1 by vishwa
2023-02-20 at 20:51
< report >Hello, hope am not intruding over here, I saw you play these lost free ware(gone from og site) vns sometime ago link, link, link, link
Not sure if you keep the files you read...? not sure if you respond...Last modified on 2023-02-21 at 06:29
#2 by chaos-rip
2023-03-08 at 05:14
< report >Hello. No problem. Yes, I prefer to keep games, if I like them. So if you are asking about these specific games, then:
1). Hooked - yes, I have this one (and Rehooked too, if needed)
2). Una Rosa Rosada Para Rosa - no, didn't find it in my files.
3). Answer or Die - yes
4). Far Beyond the Doki Doki in Warsaw - yes

So it's 3 out of 4 from your list.

Sorry for late answer. I didn't go to VNDB for some time.
#3 by chaos-rip
2023-03-08 at 05:57
< report >If you are asking because you would like me to share these games, then sure, no problem. What you prefer - MEGA or MediaFire? I can make archives and upload games there.
#4 by vishwa
2023-03-08 at 07:58
< report >Yeah I am needing them if possible mediafire cuz mega is slow for me
(Both hooked and rehooked also included cuz no longer around anymore on site)Last modified on 2023-03-08 at 08:32
#5 by chaos-rip
2023-03-08 at 08:37
< report >Okay, I uploaded them. Everything is in working condition, I only deleted my savefiles. I hope everything will work for you too. If there is any problem with files - tell me, I will try to help however I can.

1). Hooked - link

2). Rehooked - link

3). Answer or Die - link

4). Far Beyond the Doki Doki in Warsaw - link
#6 by vishwa
2023-03-08 at 09:16
< report >Thank you so much! it works btw : )
#7 by chaos-rip
2023-03-08 at 09:20
< report >Excellent! =) Glad I could help
#8 by vishwa
2023-03-08 at 13:42
< report >Um, do you perhaps have warm winter? I only recently noticed it was gone, it looks like you have played it
#9 by chaos-rip
2023-03-08 at 18:23
< report >You know, you are actually in luck. I totally forgot that game, but somehow I found original archive of it on my PC. I am really surprised I have this one.

Warm Winter - link
#10 by vishwa
2023-03-16 at 05:46
< report >I got it, thanks, btw do you have fest-off(portable version)? I dunno if you played the sandbox build or windows version that was on the dead google drive
#11 by chaos-rip
2023-03-16 at 07:20
< report >I played portable version, but I deleted it, nothing left. Sorry.

Tried to find some working links not listed on VNDB for this game, but it seems Fest-Off was deleted even from itch.io, so now it's only online version or try to ask about game someone who gave better rating for game (maybe ohara? link they rated game as 7 and it was dated 2020) or commented at original thread.


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