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#1 by Ranger9249
2023-02-24 at 01:53
< report >Where do you all meet people who have similar interests? This year I've been trying to become friends with more people that I can talk to over discord or through MAL about anime, manga, and especially visual novels/eroge. I've met one guy who I've become relatively close with but most people I find don't really want to make longer term friends. Anyone have any advice of where to go to find more people like that?

Sorry if it's a dumb question that doesn’t REALLY relate much to visual novels so much as it does to just finding friends.

Fuck Oreimo... it gave me hope there were anime fans like me out there.
#2 by ninety2pac
2023-02-24 at 02:05
< report >Are there any anime conventions near where you live? If so, I'd spend a couple days there if you can. Everyone there has a hobby in common, after all.
#3 by Ranger9249
2023-02-24 at 02:09
< report >There aren't many but even then... I really like ecchi anime and eroge like Euphoria, Gore Screaming Show, and SaDistic BlooD. It would be kinda weird to go up to people and start talking about that stuff. This isn't a be all end all but I also have a little bit of social anxiety so it makes that option a little harder. Still worth considering though, thank you very much for responding!Last modified on 2023-02-24 at 02:11
#4 by norwegianboyee
2023-02-24 at 02:15
< report >We are quite niche when you think about it. Even in Japan the eroge playing market isn’t really that large of an subset of the population. And it’s apparently been regressing a bit lately too.
#5 by Ranger9249
2023-02-24 at 02:24
< report >Yeah, and whenever you join an anime group or something online you just get people asking for recommendations or a completely chat room. Thankfully my cousin is also into eroge and I found one other guy I talk to over discord but having just two people to talk to about my interests is very hard, especially when they are only available a few hours a week.
#6 by amittesukku
2023-02-24 at 05:26
< report >I find that no matter how long my connection with this or that online friend lasted, in most cases I would have said it was a coincidence that we connected with each other better than we might have initially thought. Don't get me wrong, "struggling to find friends interested in the same things" is my middle name, but... don't stress out over it and you might just find that one person whose main interests align perfectly with yours.
#7 by Ranger9249
2023-02-24 at 08:15
< report >I dont think I can sit back and wait for fate to take over. I have to put myself out there (or else I'm not going to meet anybody). It's just so frustrating to want to talk about visual novels, eroge, anime, and whatever else after a long day and there's nobody to talk to. Like... its getting bad. I talked to an AI about visual novels the other day. That might be a new low...
#8 by vario
2023-02-24 at 08:45
< report >Usually, I just search for people on Twitter and occasionally join some Discord servers. Then I look for an opportunity to start talking. Such places are comfortable for me because people constantly discuss something, and there is no real pressure. You simply join when you have something to say if it's hard to come up with a topic by yourself
#9 by slashslayer
2023-03-03 at 02:09
< report >i recommend going through twitter vn-related gimmick accounts and making mutuals there. anything like vndb.txt or visual novel news is already fine. maybe joining r/vns (NOT r/visualnovels) is a good idea too but i never used reddit so i can't say for sure. you can also join public vn discord servers or DM some vn fans there(mine's Slash#5560) if you want to
#10 by cheekyman07
2023-03-03 at 08:50
< report >I actually get where you are coming from, for me there's pretty much no one to relate to irl so I had to basically throw it out there to a few of my friends, and frequent a few sites.

What ended up happening with me is that I introduced some of my current friends that did not know much about visual novels with a couple of the ones that I enjoyed a lot, and they ended up getting interested in them that way. The difficult part is that I have found a lot of people have the wrong idea and think all of them are just porn sims.

So they end up being shocked when I send them some of highest rated stuff to try out lol. That's how I ended up getting a few of my friends interested to be able to regularly talk about the topic. They now read a few every so often.
#11 by barfboy
2023-03-06 at 18:16
< report >I got a couple roommates into VNs for a short period of time. One got into idolmaster and never went back to VNs as far as I know, the other played a few like Galaxy Angel and really liked Shuffle but last time I suggested a VN to him he just wasn't interested.
#12 by Ranger9249
2023-03-07 at 03:50
< report >I checked out the r/vns and it looked like a hard place to meet people. Since posting here I've also tried to reach out to more people on MAL but that didn't end well. Every club I enter just wants recommendations. I also went to the comments of a couple Sydsnap videos on eroge to see if those videos brought in any of my people but youtube isn't really known for meeting new friends. Amino was also a bust, although I kind of knew it would be and im not sad to uninstall it from my phone (it's horrible imo). I haven't tried Twitter yet but I have no idea where to even start there. The only thing i ever go on Twitter for is Shirou day. I noticed the conversation kind of switched from making friends that like VNs to converting existing friends to the cause. While I like the idea of that its kind of hard when you have limited friends to work with. I'll be continuing to monitor this discussion since I've been really interested in peoples responses, however I've unfortunately had no luck as of yet. :/
#13 by chaosharbringer
2023-03-07 at 06:47
< report >Try looking into these.
#14 by DionOfTheNorth
2023-03-18 at 08:59
< report >Can't really meaningfully contribute to your original question beyond what other people already did, however, I would not be opposed to the idea of making a friend interested in these things, so I think this still sorta fits with the topic of the thread. So if the idea of a total stranger on the internet offering to be friends isn't entirely offputting to you, you can shoot me a message on twitter to talk about it further (my handle is the same as my username here).
#15 by tinkerbell
2023-03-19 at 15:47
< report >I can still remember the time when my middle school classmate recommended me when my high school classmate thislink
Voice actors such as Tanezaki Atsumi and Nanjo Yoshino are just daily topics among us after class.......
Ah.That was 10 years ago.


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