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Need suggestion with title that have Fallen Protag

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#1 by aizu94
2023-03-09 at 08:29
< report >does the tag for these kinds of protags exist in VNDB?

for example, the Hero/Savior protag goes rouge and joins the Dark/Evil side like Chain Chronicle

or the protag's love interest/significant other got cucked so hard and he's powerless to stop it in the beginning but gained power via the Dark force to stand against the NTR-man like Dark Hero Party
#2 by cubky
2023-03-09 at 08:41
< report >Dont think vndb has a tag or trait for this specifically, or at least I am not aware of any.

There are Evil Route and Unique Routes tags that might help you find something. There are also Falling to Evil (sexual) and Subject of > Falling to Evil (sexual) that are similar, but obviously sexual in nature.Last modified on 2023-03-09 at 08:42
#3 by aizu94
2023-03-09 at 09:20
< report >alright, it's something, thx for the reply
#4 by kei-tr
2023-03-09 at 13:42
< report >There is Corruption of Characters and its child tags Non-Erotic Moral Corruption and Sexual Corruption depending on your preference. There is also Antihero Protagonist/Role > Antihero.
#5 by usagi
2023-03-09 at 20:20
< report >Also Choosing Factions.
#6 by wayo
2023-03-11 at 16:19
< report >Not to derail the thread to much, If someone passing by happen to know the japanese name of the pre-quoted game "Dark Hero Party", I'd be interested.
#7 by paragonias
2023-03-11 at 16:28
< report >#6 Here you go: 外道勇者一行
#8 by wayo
2023-03-11 at 16:32
< report >Damn, I kinda felt it would be from U-ROOM, but really couldn't find it from the minature. Many thankes :D


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