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#1 by Ezezin
2023-03-14 at 05:03
< report >Kevin, for the love of every god out there, stop changing existing descriptions if you don't know what you are doing.

Just because there is an official English description, it doesn't mean it's better than a translated one. Also, stop mixing different descriptions if you don't know how to do it.

Maybe you don't remember, but this exactly how you got into trouble with NekoNyan and how I had to step up in Discord to fix that mess.

If you really want to add or edit descriptions, first of all, read them. Don't copy/paste everything you find on the internet.Last modified on 2023-03-14 at 05:04
#2 by KEVINNGW808
2023-03-14 at 05:21
< report >Thanks for your contribution.

1. Also, stop mixing different descriptions if you don't know how to do it.
For this, I know how to mix, if you look at what I did with Ninki Seiyuu.
If I can't mix it, I can either leave it or use an official description.

2. If you really want to add or edit descriptions, first of all, read them.
I keep this in mind. I always read them before putting them.

Sorry for cause troubles.
#3 by Ezezin
2023-03-14 at 21:11
< report >It took almost all day, but finished fixing and checking almost all your recent edits. In some cases I left a short explanation in the edit summary. I will continue with your older edits later.

This will be the last time I'm going to fix your edits. Next time I'll be more strict and will revert your edits instead of fixing them.
And if you keep doing what you want instead of reading and learning from other users, I will ban you from editing.Last modified on 2023-03-14 at 21:18
#4 by KEVINNGW808
2023-03-15 at 03:24
< report >Alright, I won't mess up with it again. Thanks.

I better should ask you first.
#5 by Ezezin
2023-03-15 at 05:27
< report >You don't need to ask for permission every time you want to add a description. I ask you to not replace existing descriptions when it's clear you don't know how to handle different sources.

If you see an entry without descriptions or a very short one (like some generic descriptions), and you found a suitable one from a website, you can add it with no problems (remember to source it correctly). Something like c74703.11, if we ignore the bad sourcing.

If you found a description without sources, you can add it yourself as long as you are 100% sure it came from said source and it was not edited several times (check the edit history of an entry to see how many times a field was edited). c51035.48 is an example of good sourcing you made.

When sourcing something, use the name of the website, not the person or entity who wrote it. An exception can be made when the reference comes from a social media page, blog or unofficial descriptions.
For reference links, try to use the shortest direct url.

For example, in c74703.11 instead of it should be

Or in Toriko no Kusari ~Otome-tachi o Kegasu Midara na Kusabi~, instead of, it should be modified on 2023-03-15 at 05:52


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