Basically, they did clerk-clan dirty. (spoiler)

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#1 by Naoo
2023-03-14 at 15:06
< report >I just finished this. First of all, If I can rate it, I would rate it around 6.8. It had a LOT of potential, but sadly this was a low-price something so it definetly was rushed. But that's beside the point of this thread. Basically, they did clerk-chan DIRTY. At first, I thought that the clerk-chan's role was to basically only give advices to Youhei. BUT MAN WAS I WRONG.

T-They....Like why man?! Why did they have to do that to clerk-chan?! And they didn't even register her as a character man. Sigh.... it is what it is though. Que sera, sera. It's better if you experience it for yourself. For those interested, I recommend reading this if you have spare time, or you have nothing to do. Although the characters and the plot was a little interesting, the one that carried it for me was "Clerk-chan".
#2 by pokekevin
2023-03-19 at 09:21
< report >clerk-chan bros... it's not fair...


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