[VN Talk] Favourite Heroine VA

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#1 by KEVINNGW808
2023-03-18 at 15:51
< report >Hi, it's me. KEVINNGW808.
Yep, you saw me with [What You Prefer] series, and still on going.
Now I came up with [VN Talk], we can talk about Visual Novel related.

As first one, is pretty simple.
Give your favourite Heroine Voice Actress, at least 5. More in fine.

My turn first:
1. Kusuhaya Yui, her notable VA Arihara Nanami (Riddle Joker) = link
2. Ayumi Sarah, her notable VA Asuka Minato (Otome Domain) = link
3. Sawasawa Sawa, her notable VA Ayachi Nene (Sanoba Witch) = link
4. Haruka Sora, her notable VA Tomotake Yoshino (Senren * Banka) = link
5. Kotori Yuuka, her notable VA Hitachi Mako (Senren * Banka) = link

Your turn.


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