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#1 by Imku
2023-03-18 at 17:04
< report >Akito despite being a terrible "Stalker" (Words of the user I will mention below), if we make the right decisions, you can see what decisions to make in this link: link

The introduction of the game starts with the auction where at the end a man dominates a young blue haired girl, where the narrator tells us: What will be the life and future of this poor girl? Her mind was totally corrupted by lust, in that Akito regrets not saving his childhood friend Aoi until she wakes him up, it was all a dream. However, that was just a hint of the inevitable, after a day where both childhood friends were fighting (As usual, since Aoi was soft and compassionate with others, except with her childhood friend Akito who for anything, is burning and yells or hits comically), in it Akito after having a day of classes goes to his house leaving Aoi at his, there he meets an old man millionaire who explains to him that his friend was selected to a secret auction where he along with 5 strangers have to dominate Aoi in the next few weeks, with the warning that if he called the police, Aoi's life would be in danger.

Akito knowing this, the next day begins the "Decision Making", where if you make the best decisions the following will happen....
*Aoi will not be defiled or abused by anyone.
*Offer 2 options: Make relations with Aoi and do not give it to competitors or Do not have relations and protect her.
You must take the second option.
*Each antagonist has an outcome:
NOTE: I couldn't play the full game, see in the "Reviews" entry, so the user who let me play it on his computer and got the real ending, explained that....
-Fukui is expelled from school for concealed shooting.
-Kanda is expelled from school for theft and extortion.
-Shoda was expelled also after Aoi's appeal, Akito and his brother took him to the police (I played this part and it was satisfying the fight between Akito and Shoda).
-Saeki (head of tennis and Student Council) starts dating Midori (User suspects that she is just slyly taking advantage of Akito).
-Sarah or Saria is free, but the user "suspects" that she manipulated everything.
-Akito's older brother keeps relationship with Akito and Aoi, but if you make bad decisions, he betrays you with N F T since he originally tried to meet secretly with Aoi.
*The auction project recognized that Aoi was not valuable or suitable for them and they stopped everything.
*Akito manages to keep Aoi a virgin and decides to ask her to be his wife in the future and she accepts, giving us a happy ending with an "End".
I know there is a sequel but I don't know if it's canon to the original story or it was just created as an extra, because when I saw it, the game is short, there is a new antagonist, Aoi and Akito are a couple and Saeki, Midori and Shoda also appear (Akito's older brother is not there)....

If you know more about the game or you are interested in playing it, please record it and upload it to some platform to prevent it from becoming eroge lost media.

Thank you very much to the "user" for letting me play and answering my doubt about how the game ended, god bless him, good bye :)Last modified on 2023-03-18 at 19:46


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