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#1 by Imku
2023-03-18 at 19:07
< report >The production company was the one who asked to create an original story in the Hentai adaptation of True blue but it was so terrible that it was very criticized and even the fans threatened the company for it, so a "Sequel" was created called: TRUE BLUE: Gaiden.

Now I'm going to explain the differences I could notice between both products, both the game and the anime....

*Akito and Aoi: They are childhood friends and are neighbors.
*Shouda: Antagonist of the game.
*Aoi: Winner of Miss Gakuen.
*Friendship between Aoi and Kaya.

*In the anime all the characters that appear have voices while in the game, 90% is 8-bit music and only 10% are the dialogues and performances of the interpreters of the important characters (The secondary characters do not have voices).
*In the anime Aoi is the only character that keeps her voice actress both in the anime and in the game while in the game the other characters have different voices except for Akito who has no voice and is not physically shown in the game (except for three frames), in the anime he has the voice of Daisuke Namikawa's Seiyuu. However, in the "Sequel" of the anime, Akito becomes a secondary character without voice (Wow, who knew, if they make you N F T you'll be mute for life).
*Akito and Aoi's relationship in the anime is kind of bad but still a normal friendly relationship, in the game. Aoi is gentle with others like classmates, teachers and close people, but with Akito, she hits and yells at him when he does something minimally wrong being a toxic and modest relationship.
*In the anime Akito has scars on his right cheek because when he was a child he protected Aoi from a dog attack. However, in the anime it never happened, even in the art gallery of the game you can see Akito without a scar: link
*In the anime Shouda is the main antagonist and Fukui is the antagonist of the "Sequel" of the anime while in the game there are 6 antagonists in total but they were omitted in the anime only showing us two of the antagonists of the game.
*In the anime Shouda is the first to defile Aoi while in the game Kanda is the first to do it (This if you make bad decisions).
(From now on I'm only going to compare the bad ending since in the anime it was based on that).
*In the anime there is no reason why Akito should allow Aoi to be with Shouda while in the game, Akito is told that she was selected as an auction and if she calls the police her friend will die.
*In the bad decisions, Akito worried about where Aoi is going, Aoi will say to himself: Maybe I worry too much? or I should better be in class because she will be fine? (When in the game he knows she is in danger) while in the anime, Akito does nothing because he thinks Aoi likes the teacher and the teacher decides not to help her and stand by helplessly watching her succumb to lust.
*In the second chapter of the anime, we are shown a part of Aoi's mother while in the game both Aoi and Akito have parents, however they never appear and only make short mentions that do not contribute anything to the story (very irresponsible parents when it is not their series).
*At the end of the second chapter of the anime, when Aoi rejects Akito for having a very small "friend", in the game Kanda makes an orgy inside the institution where the boys defile Aoi and she tells Akito: I'm very happy to be poured milk.
Note: In the anime Shouda is the first antagonist to fall, because if you make the decision to dodge his punch, Akito will be knocked out in the street and will be awakened by his brother (If you make another decision, Akito will be tied up in his own room and will be forced to see how Shouda defiles his friend in front of his face, in the anime Akito is knocked out and he decides to change house and stays alone and depressed while the teacher defiles Aoi in her house. (His parents are more absent than Sh**) continuing with the above, Akito and his older brother enter the physical education room where Akito beats Shouda to death (Satisfying scene in fact) but his brother stops him, rescues Aoi and accuses Shouda of abuse and expels him from school.

True Blue Gaiden:
*As I mentioned before, Fukui appears here (Antagonist of the game, who is actually fearful because Akito sent him twice to pick up his camera from the women's bathroom, by force and kicking him XD).
*Kaya also appears (This character doesn't even have an important role in the game, only appearing 3 times talking with Aoi as friends).
*After a while, Akito and Aoi separated and they are not friends anymore, also both become secondary characters, but curiously Akito doesn't have voice or dialogues anymore (I guess they did it because they didn't want to hire the Seiyuu again to avoid spending money).
*In the anime, Fukui blackmails Kaya and defiles her several times, in the game it's Aoi who he defiles but in turn he records with a hidden camera in the women's bathrooms of the institute.
*In the end, Fukui and Shouda were "working" together and Shouda has relations with her until Fukui kills him with a baseball bat and the police arrest him (Japan being a safe country and the police still arrives late WITHOUT LOGIC) while in the game, both antagonists have no link at all since the 6 who are in the auctions don't know who the others are and only know that they have to dominate Aoi, also Shouda and Fukui have different outcomes, because in the anime Fukui is arrested after murdering Shouda while in the anime Shouda is arrested for appeal of the brothers Kurusu and Aoi, on the other hand Fukui is arrested for shooting in high school.

And so are the differences between the two products. I really feel that this game deserved a 3 chapter Ecchi and not a Hentai adaptation, as they let the comedy and interactions between the childhood friends and the competition and violence of the auction competitors go to waste.

I give this adaptation a 4/10, they totally ruined Akito because being an NTR (They have the habit of only adapting bad endings where they mistreat, humiliate and make the main character useless).Last modified on 2023-03-18 at 19:45


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