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#1 by Imku
2023-03-18 at 22:16
< report >I'm sorry if I don't give much detail of the game, I played it all but I could never run the "Textractor" properly and so I had to play it all in Japanese.
The anime adaptation was done by the late studio "Animation Milky Label", which is remembered as one of the most beloved anime studios because they adapted more story than adult fanservice.

-The way Asuna meets Yurika, Katsumi and Youko is the same as in the game.
-The Seiyuus who were part of the voice acting in this project are unknown, interestingly in the anime Katsumi's voice seems to be Noriaki Sugiyama.
-In both the anime and the game, all the characters have voices of their own.
-The way Asuna learns of Yurika's sexuality is the same.
-The way Yurika offers Asuna to be part of the student council is the same only in the game, no matter what decision we make whether to doubt or accept it (The story will go the same).
-The way they trick Asuna to take her to the dungeon is the same.
-When Asuna gets depressed about being in the dungeon is the same as in the anime and game as she worries about how she will end up or what will become of her students and friend Youko.
-Yurika forces Asuna to put a chastity belt on her by shoving a cell phone up her rectum.
-Yurika goes to school under Yurika's obligation with the belt until the cell phone starts to vibrate until it complicates Asuna's day even more.
-The way Masato "Accidentally" kills Youko are similar but only Youko dies in the good endings.
-The love relationship between Ai and Nana.

-In the game we can play from the perspective of Asuna "It has more decisions but less dialogues" and Yurika "It has less decisions but more dialogues" (If you don't choose the perspectives well, the game gets stuck but if you continue playing it will return to normal).
"I will mention... bad ending (Ending where Yurika wins) and good ending (Ending where Asuna wins)."
-The game will have development and progress schedule starting on April 1 while in the anime there is no schedule but it could be presumed that the story was developed in only 4 days.
-In the anime, the rest of Asuna's friends do not exist: Sakiko, Futaba, Sakura, Aya and Mari.
-The rest of the antagonists are not present either: Andou, Yutaka and Seito's "clones".
-In the game the tertiary characters have physical body, voice and interactions with the main characters while in the anime they are only background characters that do not even resemble any of those in the game.
-In the anime it was never mentioned that Katsumi and Yurika were childhood friends.
-The way Katsumi defends Asuna "For the second time" from the bullies is the same as in the anime, only in the game she was almost defiled by this group of girls.
-Asuna in the anime faints in the middle of class because of Yurika's "vibrator" while in the game she manages to stay afloat but ends up very tired and ecstatic about it.
-When Asuna finds out about Youko's death, in the anime she finds out through a window in the dungeon when the lesbian couple (Ai and Nana were talking) while in the game she finds out after going up to the roof and seeing them in the middle of a romantic act when they were talking.
-In the anime it ends inconclusively because Asuna managed to escape from the dungeon on her own until an unknown shadow gets closer and closer to her ending with a "To be continued" from which there was never a continuation, while in the game the way Asuna escaped from the dungeon was totally different and the games have totally different outcomes...
-There are a total of 8 good and bad endings, that is (Bad ending where Yurika wins) and (Ending where Asuna wins) four endings for each one.

*Differences between the story:
-In the anime Asuna after meeting Yurika and Katsumi, sees Yurika's "inspirational" presentation as student council president while in the game Asuna will directly enter the classroom meeting Kazumi and Sakiko and will befriend Youko.
-In the game, Yurika will make her inspirational presentation the next day. In it Asuna and Youko decide to take a walk while in the anime the same thing happens but not the next day, but in the same day, after Youko went ahead to go to class Asuna decides to explore the courtyard and just like in the game, she sees the scene where Yurika and Kazumi have sex under a statue.
-In the anime Asuna is bullied and abused by the group of bullies being saved by Katsumi, while in the game the first time she was rammed and beaten along with Youko by the same group, she was also ambushed again by the group but only this time it was Asuna who was about to physically abuse her but Katsumi saves her and takes her to the clinic.
-In the game Youko and Asuna are invited to Yurika's mansion but in it Masato confesses to Asuna that where she chooses to enter, it is only to have sex, in the anime this never happens.
-As in the anime as in the game, Asuna is deceived by a letter (written by a henchman of Yurika) from Katsumi where he says that he waited for her outside to chat. Only in the anime, the masked man punches her in the stomach knocking her out while in the game it was 6 Seitos (masked men practically the same, same NPC's) who hit her and take her away.
Note: Literally in Asuna's dungeon days is her being defiled and beaten over and over and over and over again #nomaltreatAsuna).
-After Yurika put the belt on Asuna and the vibrator will start beeping, in the anime Asuna promised Yurika not to tell anyone what they were doing to her in the dungeon and (Obediently goes by herself to the dungeon) while in the game a student Yutaka talks to Asuna making her trust him and together they go to the men's room to "remove" the belt, but this was a trap of Yurika (Before that, Yurika bribed Yutaka to stop Asuna) in it joins the Physics teacher Andou to defile Asuna.

"From here on I will talk about the bad ending and the good ending because it seems that in the anime they tried to make some kind of mixed endings."

-In the anime and game, Masato shaves Asuna's rectum and has sex with her but there are changes here. In the anime Youko sneakily follows Asuna and finds out what they were doing to her in the dungeon while in the game it took more days for Youko to find out about this (Only in the bad ending will she find out with her own eyes).
-In the anime Youko is caught and abused but ends up biting Seito's "Friend" and runs away but (For some reason she climbed to the roof of a building) and after struggling with Masato, Masato pushes him and kills her. While in the game the good ending, Asuna is saved by two guys from Seito's defilement and is taken to the clinic (If you made decisions where Asuna grabbed hate Yurika), Asuna will confess to Katsumi and Youko about all the actsrocities that Yurika did to her. Here Youko goes to complain to Yurika about it in her mansion but is intercepted by Masato and the same thing happens as in the anime, the "Accident" and death of Youko.
-In the anime when Yurika abuses Asuna, she defends herself by making a frontal cut on Yurika's arm with Masato's razor (which she left lying around) and Asuna escapes while in the anime, Asuna tried to cut her veins with it but because of the pain she fainted and didn't manage to commit suicide.

Opinion about the anime: I feel that as usual Animation Milky Label tried to cover the game faithfully to the anime adaptation but I guess that seeing that they had no sales, they canceled it in the second episode leaving unfinished the ending they had planned.
I really liked the performances in the anime, it didn't bother me that the fanservice scenes left a lot to offer because at the end of the day I like to see hentais that try to be faithful to the original material. And to this day I feel sorry that it's been 20 years since its cancellation with an ending at the climax that could have been good. I give it a 7/10.Last modified on 2023-03-19 at 07:34


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