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#1 by Imku
2023-03-18 at 22:48
< report >In spite of playing the game, I couldn't understand the endings well because I am a Spanish speaker and my Textractor never worked for me to make a gameplay in Spanish of this game.

I will explain how to get the endings according to what I could understand.
I will summarize as (Good ending is Asuna's ending) and (Bad ending is Yurika's ending).

*Note: When you go to get an ending, you must change the perspectives of the main characters to see the ending from their point of view of each one. If you pass the "One year later" sign, you will no longer be able to switch perspectives. In addition, each decision you make can give the same result but the bar at the bottom will fill faster or decrease progressively depending on the decision you make.

*Good ending events:
-Youko falls from too high.
-Yutaka is beaten by two Seitos after offending Yurika.
-Masato has relations with Yurika's pet.

*Events of bad endings:
-Yutaka and Youko suffer nothing at all.
-Asuna and Youko succumb to lust.
-The Sladies ceremony is held at Yurika's mansion.

-Ending 1 and 2: Make bad decisions preventing Asuna from accumulating points in her favor.
(Bad ending: Yurika suffers an accident after inspecting a construction site and ends up in a wheelchair).

-End 3 and 4: Make good decisions that accumulate many points in Asuna's favor but before the end of the relationship scene with Masato and Yurika, you have to make 3 decisions, it doesn't matter which one you make because you already got the ending.
(Good ending: Asuna takes the new position of student president and sees her first victim with a smile).

-Ending 5 and 6: Make decisions that give few points in Asuna's favor while Yurika must keep all her progress bar empty.
(Bad ending: Youjo switches academies while Asuna and Katsumi become best friends).

-Ending 7 and 8: Play from Asuna's point by accumulating a lot of points and then keep Yurika having some minimal charge in her line.
(Good ending: Yurika and Asuna are now in another academy with red clothes)

Disclaimer: I am totally unaware of Where are the police or the parents of the abused girls? This may discourage you because you will say to yourself: The game has no logic.

If you know the game well, you can contribute to correct this discussion, goodbye.Last modified on 2023-03-19 at 07:34


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