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Hidden privates Tag Denial

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#1 by DrOctapus
2023-05-21 at 15:19
< report >Hello dear all, Id like to discuss about the denial of the Hidden Privates tag, g2439, whose purpose is to tag visual novels with erotic scenes during which the characters are stratigcally posed in such a way that no genitalia is visible. The reason given was the existence of g2401, Softocre, which has the common aspect of "Certain genitals such as the vagina are often hidden from the reader in order to create a lighter eroge content".

The issue I find with the denial is that Softcore is innately linked with a more "vanilla and lighter tone" in addition with the hidden genitalia. Therein lies the issue. A vn that opts not to showcase genitalia does not necessarily have a light and vanilla tone.

I specifically searched for such a tag when wanting to tag a novel with rape, blackmail and some bondage. You can understand why I cant possibly choose to use Softcore instead. And, indeed! a quick search gives us an array of novels that are tagged both by Softcore and by Rape/Darker Sexual Contents/BDSM. Which seems to me to be quite contrary to Softcore's very nature. And I can certainly imagine many taggers chose not to tag a visual novel with Softcore because the game was, well, not Softcore, but the genetials where neverthelless obscured.

This is my plea to reinstate Hidden Privates, possibly under a better name, such as Obscured Genetalia. Thank you for the time!
#2 by quintasan
2023-05-27 at 14:23
< report >I find that reasonable and I'm kind of surprised VNDB doesn't have this tag already
#3 by beliar
2023-05-27 at 14:27
< report >You are just splitting hairs here. The sex scenes definitely do not need to be vanilla or gentle to be applied the Softcore tag. And I suppose the description could be somewhat tinkered to reflect that.
#4 by DrOctapus
2023-05-27 at 15:01
< report >#3 I really dont perosnally believe this is akin to hair splitting, I find it quite reasonable for someone to associate the "Softcore" tag with genuinly "Soft" NSFW scenes. I'd find it jarring/misleading if a game with rape in it was tagged as Softcore. But perhaps we are thinking about the word "Softcore" differently.Last modified on 2023-05-27 at 15:02
#5 by beliar
2023-05-27 at 15:17
< report >I can see you are no fan of Eurotrash, like Franco or Rollin...
#6 by DrOctapus
2023-05-27 at 15:20
< report >Alas, not familliar. Thank you for your swift edit of the tag. I may not believe it was the best resolution but its a more than acceptable one


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