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HD remake - What to expect from the new content

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#1 by vegezzz
2023-05-25 at 22:16
< report >Okay, I wanted to create a thread about the HD remake's new content and how it differs from the original game. I will also mention the amount of time it took me to play the additional content. Please note that this is not a proper review. If I forget or can't provide certain details, feel free to add them.

I will keep this spoiler free. First of all the original Cartagra is here - all the paths, CG's and all that jazz but there's more material.

First of all there are 2 brand new opening's (Prologue and Sacrament opening)

Opening's art style reminded me of KNS3 art style. If you liked KNS3 art you propably like this too.

There are also couple of nice outro credits in the end of some of the path's (especially in the トゥルーエンド)

There are 18 endings in total and 10 of these endings are completely new material. Sugina Miki has praised us with new character sprites, game CG's ( also +18 CG's). +18 cg's surpised me.. I mean when IG made last time +18 stuff in their games - Like 10 years ago?

In the original Cartagra, some of the side characters only had one ending. In my opinion in the remake, these side characters are given more depth and development through the additional endings.

The extra endings before Sacrament part are quite short but they are a welcome addition to the game. It took me about 1 hour extra. I also had to skip some extra stuff to get to these endings which took me about 20 minutes. 2 of these endings are very short (失踪, 無力) but the other two are a bit longer.

Here is the walktrough I used


And after the main ending's the "Sacrament" path starts. Now I read that sacrament is from the Nagomibako fandisc which I have never played (I had completely forgotten that it even exists). In the Sacrament path there are 6 new endings, new character sprites, new CG's.

The extra paths in the sacrament part took me around 3 hours to complete.
I really liked 逃避行 and 海の光.

After those paths from what I can tell it contains alot of Nagomibako's CG's.

This is just my opinion, but I have a feeling that the new CG's have been created with the original Cartagra art style in mind. I mean in KNS3 everything looked pretty watercoloured etc. but here I can see Miki definitely tried to create the new CG's fit within the original game.

I recommend this remake. If you wonder which one you should play this is the one (I hope it gets translated soon).
#2 by onorub
2023-05-25 at 23:00
< report >If i'm not mistaken, the console version of Cartagra had a bad ending for Hatsune that was more in line with the other side heroine endings and an extra scene for the normal ending that made it clearer that it was a bad outcome. Are those in the remake?
#3 by vegezzz
2023-05-26 at 09:29
< report >#2 Interesting. In the HD remake Hatsune get's the same ending that's in the original Cartagra game.Last modified on 2023-05-26 at 09:30


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