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Official english patch

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#1 by Cloyster13
2023-05-26 at 00:45
< report >I just saw they literally released today the official english translation of Ero Appli Gakuen, and it doesn't had happen a lot of time since i played it using a translator, and i'm curious of playing it again with the official english translation XD

So, ¿it's the english translation of this patch good and decent, more coherent than using a translator?
#2 by raika03
2023-05-26 at 06:17
< report >uncensored hentai is much better XDLast modified on 2023-05-26 at 06:17
#3 by Cloyster13
2023-05-26 at 11:11
< report >#2 I'm honestly already not used to uncensored hentai but an uncensored Milk Factory vn should look incredibleLast modified on 2023-05-26 at 11:11
#4 by kingking00
2023-05-26 at 12:05
< report >It's a frontwing release so there's going to be some odd changes (they changed the BR sister to Step)
#5 by raika03
2023-05-26 at 13:43
< report >#4 Yeah already seen it:D


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