Rance Quest

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#1 by azathoth
2011-09-04 at 11:07
< report >Hello. I read the thread where you say that you're translating Rance Quest and that it'll be done within the month.
So, as a followup on that, I'm wondering exactly what you're planning to translate. The images only? The RPG part? Or the whole game?

In either case, would you be interested in helping us (Rance translation group(HGTP)) getting the game completely translated? Because no matter what you plan to do, there are limits for being only one person.
This is all based on your other post being genuine though, and not a troll.Last modified on 2011-09-04 at 11:21
#2 by yimw
2011-09-05 at 08:50
< report >Yeah I was just joking. I'm sorry to hear about your group's lack of translators. I appreciate your dedication and enjoyed your releases for Rance 1 and 2. As of now I don't think I have sufficient free time or proficiency in Japanese to dedicate myself to a major translation project. I wish you and your group luck though.


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