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#1 by darkcobra
2011-09-16 at 20:16
After finishing through Crescendo i have some mixed thoughts about it. I will start of by saying i did enjoy it alot, though some stories felt short it wasnt bad considering there was a fair selection to take from, and accounting the good/bad endings it helped make it more aspiring to reach a goal, for me i started of Kyoko and got her bad end, it supprised me seeming i thought i treated her good, turns out i missed one small thing so my point is it did have a good aspect there

But seriously do the makers never consider what comes next? i know people will flame me for this (and somone did touch on this in another topic) but the stories lack a true ending. My personal taste is when a story end's and gives a small epilouge of the future (even if its just a week later!) and i feel Crescendo failed here. Is it relevant? well i think so, the idea of graduating is very important and all characters (espically Kaho and maybe Kyoko) let you know it probberly will be the last time you see each other like this, but in the end you always find yourself with some cheap line like on Yuka "I found a angel..." . Now normally this doesnt bother me because some stories sum up with some small 5line sentance of what happens but they all are left open here.
Really i would like to know am i alone in thinking the endings need some real work, the stories are all so good then some crummy end (which isnt always bad) ruins it, am i the only one who would like to see further on, as said it could be as simple as a week, its enough to show what became as it always make it sound as if you wont see them again, dispite if you got there good ending

Otherwise the stories themself
I personaily favorited Kyoko, i thought she was sweet and more deserving as she always love Ryo . But otherwise i always felt bad when you choose to turn her down, dispite it might never seem to bad it made me feel sad. Also i found Koyko's sex scenes to be more beliable, you spent so much of your life helping her, she loved you so long, you gave her what she dreamed for, it builds a realistic story but also it feels honest and her motive though odd "prove im a girl" was weird i thought it was ammusing.

Kaho was also quite enjoyable for me though, i thought her story was also sweet though i could never adapt to her as much as others did i just cant help but see how well Ryo treated her and she just used him, up till she began to relise she liked him.. it felt more selfish, though i admit her story still was good

Yuka? why does everyone hate her? if im honest i dispised her character dispite only seeing her the once (after finishing kyoko and kaho), i thought theres nothing fun about a hooker like her. But i thought there was loads of emotion in there, personaily i loved the ammusment park, she semt so much more innocent and felt like a real high school student than some low life i do feel shes hated by some but hate me if you will but i found her story very nice, except the rape scene, c'mon besides it was forced no one would try that in reality, she could get a scolding if she was caught for prostitution but the guys would spend years in prison, it was idiot of a scene Also her ending sucked honestly it shows nothing in it just a small sentance and her happy face, how cliche

Ayame + Kaori- yawn, wasted tallent. Ayame coulda been everything, it had a good story though i dont like the incest thing it was easy to deal with) but the emotion she cried here was amazing so why did it make the fact she was raped something so minro? i felt it coulda been so sad (at least for a bad end) and made it so much more even if you accept the weird incest thing, it coulda been more emotional or story telling lets say but also i felt her ending was rushed, was she truly so happy for him to go?, the letter semt clear she didnt want him round because the emotion pain it brings her but that night changed nothing? ok i guess but when she says his plans she shows little change besides a small smile... lame
Kaori? i put her with Ayame as there one in the same but i didnt enjoy her story, so many like it because her and Ryo are funny enough simular but i found it plain, i actually did laugh, it was funny at times the hotel meeting was halerious imo but to many things ruin it 26 year old virgin? ahem, except Yuka i expected her to have more experiance than anyone... but also her leaving, thought probberly makes sense it felt odd everyone just "knew" about them...

Miyu? the secret was nice, i love having a nice arc to complete upon beating the basics but whats the point? you make like 3 or 4 choices which makes it so short, dispite i havent found anyone who likes her, she would of been my favorite if her story was longer, i found her very fun to follow Her hospital story was really appealing but all to find she was a in a coma made little sense, she came to reality to be with some guy she barly knows? thats dumb but then to sleep with him of the gun, meh ok if she was gonna die she might wanna but still...
i liked Miyu though, she was sweet shy and cute, all the things i love <3 but still was far to short and the fact her endings was never good was a big shame, i dont mind as i like sad endings but to kill her either was is bleh, at least it coulda done it better for the good end

my thoughts in all, the stories was all enjoyable in there own way, im not bullying them here, i usually speak to highly so im reversing it but the endings all was a small dissapointment to me in the terms theres nothing beyond the end shown

it coulda just said like 3 months later, Kaho is now in college with Ryo or something (forgot what Kaho wanted) or Kyoko was finishing school whilst spending free time with Ryou, that sorta thing, did yuka go to the nursing sch? did he ever get together with Ayame, did he and Kaori work out? ect... sorta just to say how they living. It words everything like they wont see them again, as in reguardless the relationship or not, which made me wonder "Does he actually stay together with some" as Kaho sounds like they wont see anyone else, Yuka sounds like they had a good run and nows goodbye, Ayame sounds like "lets try again soon" Kyoko sounds like they might hook up... maybe... ect ect

Really a few fix's and ends and i would give it a 10 but i cant help feel the endings fall down.
Or maybe its just me? maybe im to expecting of the endings? (so far everyone romance novel i played gives a small idea if not what happens of there relationship it implies it clearly like "they will go on to live together happy" unlike Crescendo's "it was fun... so... what now?" attitude.
All in all though i enjoyed it alot, the characters was very unique to themself's and semt fun, and the roamnce was generally genetic and thought of well. All in all a worthy novel indeedLast modified on 2011-09-16 at 20:20
#2 by mstrchef117
2011-09-17 at 01:43
The one point I would argue is that with Japan's Criminal Justice System and general attitudes towards some rape (for example, murder and crimes against sex workers) the chance of those guys ever spending time inside a jail cell will be ridiculously low.
#3 by yimw
2011-09-17 at 08:02
It's not just Japan. In the U.S. as well only a small percentage of rapes end in conviction and I'm sure it's similar in other first world countries (I've read the UK is worse than the US).

Yuka? why does everyone hate her?
Since when was that the case? There are a lot of people (including me) who like her and her route the best. I'd even go as far as to say she's one of the most popular heroines in the game.
#4 by mstrchef117
2011-09-19 at 02:52
Yea me too, frankly her troubles basically trumps all of Kaho's and Kyouko's issues lol. But her good ending made me feel good inside lol. But I did get her bad end first tho.......I apparently was an unfeeling dick. :(Last modified on 2011-09-19 at 02:53
#5 by darkcobra
2011-09-24 at 15:51

(I've read the UK is worse than the US)

Actually as much as i hate saying this but i live in the UK and i dont belive its just rumour, your right on the mark, its terrible over here as far as rape conviction goes

and i agree with you man, Yuka is great, i didnt like her when i first saw how she was but her story is much more moving and no one should hate her by the time they finish, the reason i say alot do is everyone on any discussion board has just flamed her over and over and i felt sad to see not many semt to like her, so im glad to know people here do like her ^^
And her troubles easy do topple everyone elses, Kaho and kyoko dont really have much going on, Kyoko could say about her life outside school i guess but otherwise theres nothing "Tragic" there, not there bad just not tragic like Yuka's
#6 by mstrchef117
2011-09-25 at 04:55
Really, I never saw much hate for Yuka. There was a lot of "I want those f**kers to meet my friends Smith & Wesson" and comments of those sorts on most sites I've gone too (animesuki, the escapist). Did you get her good ending first? Cause when I was playing this the first time, I was still under the impression, h-games are just fap fodder (god Kaho's non-h neutral end), and so I got the bad ending by being a perv, which just made me feel like a douche halfway thru after Ryo's attitude took a 180 degree turn mid-coitus.
#7 by darkcobra
2011-09-26 at 02:21
I generally lost hate to her when playing her story, i admit i felt gate towards her upon first playing (when i was on kyoko and kaho's) cuz it felt dumb having some hooker kid selling herself in classrooms like that and i didnt expect such a story there, but starting her story i kinda lost hate when everyone is mocking her in class but i loved her by the theme park ^^
i intially got her good end, i gathered the hotel choice was a trick and figured she wanted to be normal so i tried keeping her normal, and intially it led to her good ending :D
Kaho's non h ending was really bad imo. i wasnt to happy with her H scene ending as i felt it was to simply wrote and everyone just excepted it but i didnt enjoy her non h end at all =/
Though i still find Yuka's "Rape" scene far to extreeme, i recently played Yume Miru Kursai and they use a simular style event there and it just feels to extreeme for some students to pull of, would they nt consider the consiquence?
#8 by mstrchef117
2011-09-26 at 14:49
It might seem extreme at first but it does have a basis in reality since I do believe YMK was praised for showing the apathy in the school system towards bulllying. I also suggest that you read up on the Japanese Criminal Justice System and how it works if you're interested.


Borrowed this from the library and it really does explain some of the more egregious stuff you see in the fiction of Japan and how it actually has a basis in reality. And as mentioned above, rape cases are notoriously hard to prosecute even in the US and UK, we usually offer plea bargains to increase the conviction rate. While in Japan, there is no "official plea bargaining" so prosecutors have to bring an airtight case. A rape of a prostitute would never make it to court unless it became a murder and even then, if the prosecutor thinks he might lose (conviction rates are very important to a prosecutors career so there so its like a zero tolerance policy on acquittals), he might not even suspend prosecution or bring up lesser charges, especially if the criminals do not confess. Like in the Junko Furuta case (look up at your own discretion).Last modified on 2011-09-26 at 14:52
#9 by gabezhul
2011-09-26 at 15:21
Ugh... not that case... it's so depressing... T_T

Juvenile crime, bullying an violence in school is actually really common, and writing it off with little to no real punishment by law is one of the pinnacles of human stupidity in my eyes. Believe me, middle shoolers can be as malicious and sadistic as any mobster, yet they receive only a fraction of the punishment for the same crimes.
Hell, in the case that Mstrchef117 brought up some of the culprits got away as little as three years of prison term for kidnapping, torturing and killing a girl in a way that would be sick even in a really fucked up hentai manga (We are talking about fucking Oyster-levels here...! *spit*), while you can get sentenced for two years for accessing someone's wi-fi network. Let me stress that again:
-Kidnapping, torture and murder: three years.
-Stealing wi-fi: two years.
Am I the only one who sees a bit of a problem here?

So I'm not only blaming the stupid people who don't care about juvenile crime and violence but the lawmakers as well. Yes, if a kid accidentally chokes another while playing you cannot charge him with attempted murder, but when he KNOWS what he is doing and doing it for sick pleasure, then don't give them a leeway they can cover themselves with. Capital punishment for every premeditated and deliberately committed rape and murder for everyone! All humans are supposed to be equal, so let the punishment be equal as well. (Yes, I'm a radical liberal-totalitarian. No, I'm not going to explain how that works. Deal with it.)Last modified on 2011-09-26 at 15:27
#10 by pendelhaven
2011-09-26 at 16:12
...and this is the kind of world I want my will-be children to discover in the future.
#11 by mstrchef117
2011-09-26 at 22:20

The only CMOA (Crowning moment of awesome for those unfamiliar with the term) of that particular trial was that when the two guys who appealed their sentences (I do believe it was the ring leader and the only non-juvenile), the higher court doubled their sentences to 20 years and 8 years respectively.

Another CMOA came from the book where this rapist was lying on the stand. His attorney, didn't even bother to actually cross examine and eviscerate the victim like in the US. Instead while questioning his client he said (I'm paraphrasing here) "Who the hell do you think you're actually convincing with that story", "At least come up with something believable" etc. Because of his lack of remorse and lying, Judges sentenced him to 6 years hard labor.

Although I do find Japanese going rates for criminals to be kinda low (at least compared the the US). It also has something to do with consistency as prosecutors will go out of their way to meticulously research prior sentences for crimes with similar circumstances (in the book I linked, there was a chapter describing the lengths a prosecutor went to figure out how much fines he would levy against a thief who stole about 150 USD worth of mushrooms)

For petty crimes, there is a lot of suspended prosecutions if you're willing to confess and repent.

Suspended sentences are also very popular in Japan.

Assault and Extortion usually gets 2 years (if you committed the crime with a weapon or are part of gang, that sentence is doubled)

Rape is usually 6-8 years depending on the circumstances.

The going rate for Manslaughter/Murder is usually 10-12 years.

With Aggravating circumstances, it could be increased to 20 or Life in Prison (like that guy who was sentenced for raping and killing that English English Teacher).

Death by Hanging is almost exclusevly reserved for crimes against the state, serial/mass murders. Although there has been a case where Japan's first recent jury trial, sentenced a person to death because of the weapon used (chainsaw) and the desecration of the body (decapitation) after the murder.

And yes...I do read up too much on this stuff considering that I'll probably major in accounting instead of law since the law field is imploding. Although if I do go into law, I would infinitely prefer to be a prosecutor vs a defense attorney (or some dude that help people sue other people). Because god, I had to take Business Law in school, it was easy but still, it was all determining whether or not you could sue the person.

Also for your reading pleasure, the Bakke Incident

(very NSFW site)

Sentences Ranged from probation and suspended prison sentences for the some of the grunts/peons in the company (i.e. spokespersons, video editors, camera crew, and some of the actors ) to 18 years for the CEO, 15 years for the Director, 11-14 years for some of the most "involved" actors. The few female dominatrixes who were involved in the torture were sentenced to 3-5 years imprisonment. Silver lining, all appeals rejected. :)Last modified on 2011-09-26 at 22:34


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