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#1126 by chuee
2015-08-31 at 03:33
< report >r42327
Someone added back the patch that was deleted for quality. Also while you're at it, delete r38804 as it doesn't exist anymore.
#1127 by dk382
2015-08-31 at 04:42
< report >I don't like removing an entry just because the creator took it off their site, but r38804 was just an edited version of r42327's translation, right?
#1128 by chuee
2015-08-31 at 18:32
< report >Basically.
#1129 by timentimeagn
2015-09-01 at 06:19
< report >Miai Kekkon Shita Yousai ga Otoko no Musumedatta Kudan

acidentally added a duplicate, the first release didn't appear when the jp name was searched
#1130 by wakaranai
2015-09-03 at 02:55
< report >Aihara Akira duplicate of Aihara Akira
#1131 by ds1150
2015-09-03 at 05:26
< report >
Aihara Akira duplicate of Aihara Akira

Which one do you want to remove? They both hold different info that you might want to merge first.
#1132 by wakaranai
2015-09-03 at 06:04
< report >i suggest delete recently created one. whoever created it should have added traits to existed instance.
#1133 by Ileca
2015-09-03 at 11:03
< report >Someone is adding multiple copies of Sato Ayumu: 佐東 歩 & 佐東 歩. Well, I guess everybody saw them.
#1134 by wakaranai
2015-09-03 at 13:30
< report >beliar why did you delete old aihara akira entry? by doing so you kind of encourage newcomers to further ignore edit guidelines and create duplicates. wouldn't it be better object-lesson if new entry got deleted instead? i think mods should consider entry edit history, too, when deciding which of the duplicates should be deleted.
#1135 by beliar
2015-09-03 at 15:13
< report >I deleted the old entry, because it had less traits, thus I had to add less traits to the new entry. *shrug* I don't see how it matters which one I deleted in a long run.
A stupid person wouldn't learn from his mistakes anyway if I deleted his entry, a smart one might have just made an honest mistake.
#1136 by traumatizer
2015-09-03 at 15:29
< report >Accidentally made a duplicate
#1137 by Ileca
2015-09-04 at 01:09
< report >r33766 is a duplicate of r17426. It was added based on getchu but getchu used the first date they found and, obviously, a win95 game could not have been released in 1993-01-22. A JAN would have been appreciated but they don't provide one.
#1138 by skorpiondeath
2015-09-05 at 16:10
< report >Please delete Mitsuki Chikaru I wrongly inserted her but she is already in the db.
#1139 by ryechu
2015-09-05 at 17:59
< report >r37295 can be deleted. We've not touched it in nearly a year and the chances of us actually working on it is pretty much zero.
#1140 by abyssaleros
2015-09-08 at 18:43
< report >Somehow I managed to add a release entry twice (seems because I clicked doujin while submitting first plase), so please delete r42675.
#1141 by Yorhel
2015-09-09 at 18:00
< report >Could someone check t6913? I don't have time to look at it at the moment.
#1142 by wakaranai
2015-09-09 at 18:18
< report >^he's right, c36955 and c36956 should be deleted as duplicates of c36957.
#1143 by ds1150
2015-09-10 at 18:22
< report >Does anybody know if Fujimura Suzuka and Fujiwara Suzuka are the same person and thus a duplicate?
#1144 by wakaranai
2015-09-10 at 18:56
< report >Beldadia duplicate of Veridadia Ephemerantsword
#1145 by savagetiger
2015-09-10 at 19:59
< report >yeah Fujiwara Suzuka is the duplicate with a wrong romanization.
#1146 by Jazz957
2015-09-11 at 02:49
< report >Please delete link. I added it to the wrong VN.

Edit: Please disregard this request.

Please delete link. It's a duplicate.Last modified on 2015-09-11 at 05:42
#1147 by nekonekogirl
2015-09-11 at 08:03
< report >MoeAPP is a duplicate of Moe App
#1148 by yoxall
2015-09-12 at 17:32
< report >Not exactly a complete deletion for these two characters, but is it possible to remove their visual novel roles from the deleted vn "Angel Meisters"?

Kurobane Sayuki
Satomura Momiji
#1149 by abyssaleros
2015-09-19 at 22:20
< report >Fervent Studio added while allready there, please delete.
#1150 by Jazz957
2015-09-21 at 03:45
< report >Please delete Kusanagi Homura. Somehow I managed to add the same person twice.