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#3226 by diesiure
2020-06-19 at 22:36
< report >@3225: Excuse me, are you asking me? If so, I don't know what do you mean clearly.
#3227 by beliar
2020-06-19 at 22:46
< report >No, he was referring to this post t2108.3200, which was skipped.
The entries have been merged now.
#3228 by diesiure
2020-06-19 at 23:08
< report >Ah, sorry, It was my fault to see it wrong, apologize for taking up your time. :-)
#3229 by empoleon434
2020-06-21 at 00:36
< report >Kuramoto Tsubasa, Murata Sumika, and Ogura Nao are aliases of Matayoshi Ai
link link link link
from the voice samples on the game sites I can corroborate on the second one (link) and third one (link)
#3230 by trickzzter
2020-06-21 at 06:14
< report >r60263 is a dupe of r60264
There is no point in adding every single version of the unfinished product (still in development).
#3231 by sidvanhalen
2020-06-21 at 07:35
< report >Umetori Uriri is another alias for Fukunaga Yumi. It can be confirmed by their twitter profile: link

so, merge these two staff members?
#3232 by gvbn
2020-06-23 at 15:54
< report >delete r72648 and r72649, they were already listed under titles that don't actually exist
#3233 by Jazz957
2020-06-23 at 18:41
< report >I'm not really sure why Mayu is here. It's really not a VN from what I played. It's just pictures with voice but no text and you need to basically randomly click around the screen to make the picture change. It's also plain awful but that's not really relevant to inclusion.
#3234 by beliar
2020-06-23 at 18:55
< report >
I'm not really sure why Mayu is here.
Because someone added it and no one has contested its presence until you came along, duh :-)
#3235 by thyme
2020-06-24 at 06:42
< report >r72663 is a duplicate of r41020.
Apologize for duplicating, their titles are slightly different so I made the mistake.
#3236 by seamaid
2020-06-24 at 17:33
< report >Grinning Heart: The Moment 's page has barely any content, and the game was apparently supposed to come out 2016 according to the official home page. (Due to the weebly domain it might not be visible to everyone, so for reference: all the page shows is the same image as on the database entry along with "Coming soon on 2016..."[sic]) Haven't been able to find much about the publisher, but their latest activity I know of was in 2016 as well. Would that be considered a long enough period of non-activity for deletion?
#3237 by beliar
2020-06-24 at 17:46
< report >Yes, four years is usually enough to call a project inactive. And the user was last active on Lemma Soft in 2016, so let's call this dead and buried.
#3238 by Jazz957
2020-06-24 at 19:13
< report >Hiradon is an alias of Hirashima Rikei.
#3239 by trickzzter
2020-06-26 at 08:01
< report >Blade Quest is a dupe of Blade Quest
r72690 is a dupe of r52331
Both were made my me. I didn't know that The Knight of the Crimson Tower was originally called Blade Quest.
#3240 by ikuku
2020-06-27 at 11:24
< report >
I didn't know that The Knight of the Crimson Tower was originally called Blade Quest.
Not entirely correct. BQ is KCT's "spiritual ancestor", but these two are basicaly different games as of now. Plot derived from the original but now tells a pretty much different story, some BGs and sprites are re-used, but most are redrawn and new ones are added. We wanted to ask you to un-merge those two DB entries if that's possible and restore them as separates.
#3241 by Curious
2020-06-27 at 18:55
< report >r67140 is begging for deletion.
#3242 by beliar
2020-06-27 at 19:50
< report >@ikuku: Done
#3243 by lunaterra
2020-06-27 at 22:45
< report >Hello Charlotte EP1: Junk Food, Gods and Teddy Bears and Hello Charlotte EP2: Requiem Aeternam Deo aren't VNs.
#3244 by Mutsuki
2020-06-28 at 03:57
< report >this is probably the wrong thread
but i think Aoi Tori should be locked because the length has pointlessly gone back and forth between medium and long 12 times.
#3245 by chipp12
2020-06-28 at 05:00
< report >.Last modified on 2020-06-28 at 05:01
#3246 by wildberry
2020-06-28 at 14:38
< report >Hoshi no Oujo: Hikari no Tsubasa ~Koi no Patissier~ is not a fandisk but an append disk of Hoshi no Oujo: Hikari no Tsubasa, as described on the official website (link). Shouldn't append disks have its releases listed on the same page as the initial game?
#3247 by NaioHoras
2020-06-29 at 07:45
< report >JokeDrops is a duplicate of Joke Drops...
#3248 by gvbn
2020-06-29 at 08:37
< report >r24996 seems to be a duplicate of r19994, however the latter's info is all over the place.

I think it's supposed to be the PSP limited edition, yet it's marked as a Windows release and has the JAN of the PSP regular edition.
#3249 by wildberry
2020-06-30 at 07:08
< report >Same situation as: link

Yume o Mou Ichido: Koufuku no Kaze isn't a fandisc nor side story of Yume o Mou Ichido. It's an append disk in which players need to have the original game installed to even work. Pretty sure it's not supposed to have its own page but be a partial release (like the Dynamic Chord series, link).
#3250 by Ileca
2020-06-30 at 07:54
< report >It's a deletion thread. Correction: I agree with you but you need to merge the entries before we can delete them.
What you need to do is to move all the releases to the original games, mark them as patches, write a little note as to what it adds if you feel like it, remove the appends from the "compilations", and then, when the vn pages are finally empty shells, we can delete them.
Oh, and don't forget to check the characters if there are new ones, and the lengths might need to be changed, etc.Last modified on 2020-06-30 at 10:15