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#3376 by beliar
2020-10-03 at 15:27
< report >
request deleting the entry for CRIware
You cannot actually "delete" an engine. You have to edit every entry with a certain assigned engine (currently four entries with CRIware) to remove it from the database. It is better to ask for confirmation why this engine was assigned to these entries.
#3377 by fuukanou
2020-10-03 at 18:36
< report >T.O.P. is a dupe of Sai Gakai
#3378 by skaimoku
2020-10-05 at 12:37
< report >please del r64780
Repeat with r74867
#3379 by trickzzter
2020-10-06 at 04:56
< report >r64780 dupe of r74867
Well it's the other way around, but the later has more information.
#3380 by barfboy
2020-10-06 at 16:17
< report >This old post of mine is no longer necessary to exist
Since it was just a review of the game I simply copy-pasted it into a review. It can be deleted.
#3381 by trickzzter
2020-10-07 at 04:07
< report >Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition is just a demo of Cooking Companions

Never mind. Description says that it's "More than a demo" and a "self contained story". But the release entry is linked to both games for some reason. I'll just correct it.Last modified on 2020-10-07 at 04:14
#3382 by ninigi
2020-10-10 at 13:07
< report >Didn't realize this has a new remake, pls delete.
#3383 by 35mm
2020-10-12 at 07:38
< report >meant to just edit r7034 and somehow created r75013 by accident; please delete the latter
#3384 by styjoy
2020-10-16 at 01:50
< report >r75080 dupe
#3385 by barfboy
2020-10-16 at 22:38
< report >Can this be deleted?
It's no longer needed, I simply posted all that in a review.
#3386 by trickzzter
2020-10-17 at 09:46
< report >r75106 Looks like it won't be released on Android link

r75105 And Android demo version never existed too, lol. link

I feel stupid for separating entries before checking...Last modified on 2020-10-17 at 09:56
#3387 by ecchihieronymus
2020-10-17 at 19:18
< report >t14872 because of what i wrote in the comment, or should random threads about what a person thought of a game still be a thing, now that we have the review feature?
#3388 by 707
2020-10-20 at 01:01
< report >r75143 r75160 r75161 they are linked to same page and basically says "the psv ver also has other languages" so better to merge it to one release page
#3389 by styjoy
2020-10-20 at 01:42
< report >^Updated r75143 to include the latter two, so r75160 and r75161 are now redundant.
#3390 by eacil
2020-10-20 at 20:10
< report >To whoever edited this game: the problem now is that there is only a PSV fan patch. What is it supposed to patch? There is also a Survivor's Edition. Just saying.
#3391 by beliar
2020-10-20 at 20:21
< report >As far as I understand, r75143 is not so much a patch, as a modified save game that unlocks hidden language options in r73074, which are not normally accessible.
#3392 by eacil
2020-10-20 at 23:30
< report >Me being as blind as ever, I didn't see "(patch)" was missing from one of the four PSV lines. I made the note clearer according to the guy who made the patch. Yes, the patch unlocks hidden languages.
#3393 by gvbn
2020-10-21 at 03:59
< report >Does r51578 even exist? It's not on any download sites and the link in the edit history links to the sequel on gyutto.
#3394 by vario
2020-10-21 at 04:28
< report >Does vndb allow this kind of projects? link It's probably fine as long as there is a note (though, someone should write it because they didn't in this case) but asking just in case.
#3395 by eacil
2020-10-21 at 04:46
< report >I hope NOT.
#3396 by adamstan
2020-10-21 at 06:12
< report >And even if, it should be IMO listed as "alternative version" (separate game entry), not as release.Last modified on 2020-10-21 at 06:13
#3397 by yorhel
2020-10-21 at 06:13
< report >That should be a different VN entry.
#3398 by ninigi
2020-10-22 at 17:27
< report >r45605

Main website dead. Nothing since years ago.
#3399 by wildberry
2020-10-23 at 10:16
< report >A bunch of otome stuff that may be candidates for deletion:

* Akatsuki no Betelgeuse + Yuukoku no Perseus: Both added to the database in 2015, no updates or signs of release since.
* Bara Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-, Bara no Kishi Series - Henry Ou + Bara no Kishi Series - Richard Ou: Series added across 2015-2017. "Sonnet of Seeds" meant to be coming out first but no development updates since the delay notice in 2017. The other two games don't even have their own websites.
* Dorico no Toshokan: Added in 2017, no updates or signs of release since.
* Haraiso no Hi: Demo in 2015, no updates since 2016, no news from the brand as a whole since 2018.
* Majo no Shokeibi ~Saiai naru Yoake e~: Demo in 2016, continuously delayed. Brand has been releasing other games but no signs of continuing on this one.
* Meiji Tokyo Renka ~Dance Party~: Added in 2016, no updates since. Official Twitter is active but no recent news related to this game.
* Ozmafia!! 0 -RefleXion-: Added in 2017. No updates/news of the full version since.
* Yuukyou no Aster: Probably no longer coming out since the last update was in 2016 and the brand's Twitter is inactive since 2016 too.
#3400 by sonic-nancy-fan
2020-10-25 at 09:36
< report >Had a discussion thread asking about dating sims, namely Pacthesis games, so I was going to add some. Turns out in 2012, yorhel decided they didn't count as VN's (I noticed when I was adding a producer), but I already made a page for an early one here, so feel free to delete it: link

Similarly, here's her staff page I made: linkLast modified on 2020-10-25 at 09:48