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#3576 by qpo
2021-01-20 at 09:44
< report >Ruina ~Haito no Monogatari~ is a story-driven JRPG, but not a VN. The storytelling segments are short and discontinuous. The main parts of the game are combat and exploration. link

r60858 is an e-book link, not a game.Last modified on 2021-01-20 at 10:20
#3577 by 707
2021-01-22 at 15:29
< report >either delete r77233 or /Jingse Xiaoran and Yingse Lingluo
#3578 by styjoy
2021-01-23 at 03:46
< report >As short as they may be, Jingse Xiaoran and Yingse Lingluo are standalone stories, rather than a remake of the original. I don't think they belong to the same VN entry.
r77233 is supposed to be deleted, as Japanese releases of those two were already in the database, making it redundant.
#3579 by ginseigou
2021-01-23 at 10:45
< report >Someone recheck this t2108.3465.
Is there any particular reason to keep for example Red Eye or Magical Eyes -Indigo blue heaven- ?Last modified on 2021-01-23 at 10:46
#3580 by qpo
2021-01-24 at 02:51
< report >Liu Zhixiao dupe of Liu Zhixiao

Also I wonder why Ruina didn't get deleted... Shame it's little known in the Anglophone world while being one of the most influential Japanese freeware games ever made so I can't find any English article about it except that MTL desc.Last modified on 2021-01-24 at 03:58
#3581 by kumiko1
2021-01-24 at 12:36
< report >Undelete Ruina ~Haito no Monogatari~ it is a VN, it has significant amounts of uninterrupted reading sections with narration
also can you please stop deleting things based off watching 5 minutes of youtube videos and actually consult someone who read the VN, thanks
#3582 by beliar
2021-01-24 at 12:39
< report >Watched more than 5 minutes. This link has a playthrough of the game and I have watched maybe 40 minutes. Didn't see anything that is even remotely VN-like.
#3583 by kumiko1
2021-01-24 at 12:47
< report >40 minutes is no better than 5 minutes for a VN of this length, its significantly more VN-like later on
#3584 by beliar
2021-01-24 at 13:04
< report >You say to consult people before deleting things, but that's unfeasible for unpopular games with few users having played them. In this case we see two people who have played it having different opinions: qpo says it's not a VN, you say it's a VN. From what I have seen, I'm inclined to support qpo.

The game looks like the very definition of a traditional RPG, not that different from any Final Fantasy title. Please, show me those supposed VN sections, because the pure gameplay sections are very long. I just checked a random 30 minute clip and it was pure gameplay with no reading whatsoever.
#3585 by mutsuki
2021-01-24 at 15:40
< report >IDK what exactly you watch when you say you watched a video about it and this is probably going to sound stupid, but wouldn't a youtube video be biased in what it shows, especially if it's a short clip? If I had 30 minutes to show off a game, it would hardly have any VN, mostly "gameplay" as it were because that's what people would be more interested in.

Just my 2 cents.
#3586 by beliar
2021-01-24 at 15:45
< report >If you have checked the link I have posted, it has the whole playthrough of the game. As it's over 20 hours long, I only watched the beginning and some clips from the middle. Considering most hybrids concentrate the most VN elements in the beginning, and they become thinner as the game progresses, the fact there are no VN elements in the beginning at all, is telling, imho.
#3587 by qpo
2021-01-25 at 02:19
< report >I had never seen people call it a VN or anything like that (in Japanese/Chinese player community), for years, until I came across that VN entry.

You can get few search results with "Ruina + novel game", and only some of them mean it's considered a novel game/VN. Others may compare it with a VN, or recommend it to VN fans. link link (Not "Ruina + novel" because it has a novel series.)

While "Ruina + RPG" is tweeted almost everyday. link (Excludes "library" for Library of Ruina.)

Also, it was considered "a hybrid between JRPG and P&P" by a RPG Codex user. link It's known for being "gamebook-styled". link

I hope this can prove how most players think of it.Last modified on 2021-01-25 at 03:36
#3588 by vario
2021-01-25 at 03:37
< report >Seems like we've made two entries (r77276 and r77275) at pretty much the same time.
#3589 by ninius
2021-01-25 at 22:58
< report >Aren't these the same novel? I think Daddy Lies changed it's name to The Secrets We Keep and somehow it got a new entry.
#3590 by beliar
2021-01-25 at 23:21
< report >You are correct. Merged the entries.
#3591 by zakashi
2021-01-28 at 00:09
< report >These guys are probably duplicate: link
#3592 by 707
2021-01-29 at 01:54
< report >^ those guys are actually one same entry
#3593 by eacil
2021-01-29 at 06:11
< report >To be clearer, you have one result for 織澤 明史 and another one for 織澤 あきふみ which is an alias of the first. Hover over the two names and you will see.
#3594 by gvbn
2021-01-29 at 12:59
< report >Crone dupe of Crone
#3595 by ninius
2021-01-30 at 17:17
< report >The releases of Welcome To... Chichester 1 : An Idiot's Guide To Flying A Commerical Aircraft seem to be the same?
#3596 by hakura
2021-01-31 at 07:27
< report >Episode - Choose Your Story should be removed, right? It's not a VN, it's a platform for other people to make their own stories with.
#3597 by butterflygrrl
2021-02-01 at 03:06
< report >Not sure if this is premature but r56771 the official site shows no sign of mobile releases present or future, it only says the game will be available on steam and itch.
#3598 by trickzzter
2021-02-01 at 03:26
< report >^ There is some info on

Keinart (295 days ago): It will be available in android and iOS, but it will come later than PC.

Twigger69 (265 days ago): Will this game be free on Android?
Keinart (12 days ago): No, it won't be free. Sorry.
#3599 by butterflygrrl
2021-02-01 at 14:18
< report >okay so probably still coming eventually then
#3600 by vario
2021-02-02 at 09:39
< report >r10319 added in 2010 so I'm not sure they're going to release it