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#3601 by qpo
2021-02-03 at 06:04
< report >#3600, Omutsu, one of the writers said in 2017:
Sorry, we are stopping the project now.

Once10 is a dupe of Once'.
Also, Wuya Daxian is the founder and director of Jingtu Zhizuoshi, better delete his entry as he's always a part of the team.

And please undelete BrightShadow Bot night Jun (封魔夜君), a guy who ported VNs to PSP such as r59685, r61201, Eden* and FSN. Gonna add his releases.
#3602 by vario
2021-02-06 at 07:05
< report >r76947
Should we really add simple reprints? Many games have them but I'm not sure it actually adds anything useful to the db.
#3603 by eacil
2021-02-06 at 07:34
< report >Different JAN, sometimes even catalog number. They are different items so they should be here imo.
#3604 by butterflygrrl
2021-02-08 at 00:30
< report >r45599

has there been any word on this since 2016, when it was supposed to be released? the sekai project page for it 404s.
#3605 by alexfang452
2021-02-09 at 10:27
< report >r55387

No update for this VN with a release date on its Steam page still set for the year 2018. On the developer's Facebook page, the last time they mentioned anything relating to this VN was in 2017.Last modified on 2021-02-09 at 10:28
#3606 by eschasintra
2021-02-09 at 13:05
< report >KILA

Alias for Imai Asami
#3607 by npzmzfg
2021-02-09 at 15:10
< report >#3605 There's also a 2019 update on the developer's Facebook page (link):
Xagia Wars is on hold, as currently the team behind it has another workload. It won't be cancelled (yet) as the script has been almost finished, so please look forward to its update!
#3608 by alexfang452
2021-02-09 at 18:41
< report >My apologies.
I didn’t look up as much as I should’ve.
#3609 by goldgrande
2021-02-12 at 15:46
< report >This character, Sejima Seiya, needs to be deleted. I added it but realizethe game is a sequel game that uses the same protagonist: Sejima SeiyaLast modified on 2021-02-12 at 15:47
#3610 by naiohoras
2021-02-12 at 16:39
< report >I don't think it should be deleted. since the story themselves are obviously gonna be different, the traits applied would be very different as well.
just make them instances and we're done.Last modified on 2021-02-12 at 16:39
#3611 by goldgrande
2021-02-12 at 16:41
< report >Well take for example Rance, I think the same profile is used across all his games correct? Is there a guideline for this kind of thing? So I am confused. The description indicates it is the same version of the chatacter from the previous game.Last modified on 2021-02-12 at 16:42
#3612 by naiohoras
2021-02-12 at 17:03
< report >I don't know how to word it right, but as far as I know, instances are created when a character can be distinguished from each other, i.e. have quite a distinction that applying traits in the same instance is starting to feel 'unsophisticated'.
Rance series are direct sequels and Rance didn't change too much in appearance during the series.

link from what I read in the official site, the story takes place after Sex Open World e Youkoso!, but the protagonist is a reincarnation of the protagonist in Sex Open World e Youkoso!, and he no longer a 'hero' but a 'child of darkness' so I assume there will be quite a distinction in many aspects (appearance, relationship, etc.). don't know for sure though.

EDIT: should've linked the obvious one d12Last modified on 2021-02-12 at 17:23
#3613 by goldgrande
2021-02-12 at 17:13
< report >Ok then, thanks for clarification
#3614 by inbox
2021-02-12 at 23:19
< report >Haru no Hanawa

Official page is deleted. The social media of the director is gone too.
#3615 by goldgrande
2021-02-13 at 05:22
< report >#3612

Looking at it again, we'll have to see when the game comes out. This new game seems to be a direct sequel. The story is describing how he did his job as a hero of light and now is given job as hero of darkness etc in straight succession. It's talking as if he knows he already lived through the first game, etc. Anyway, the decision can be made final when the game comes out I guess.
#3616 by naiohoras
2021-02-13 at 09:06
< report >yeah, we just need to wait for now :)
#3617 by goldgrande
2021-02-13 at 20:27
< report >I did get confirmation that Sex Underworld e Youkoso! is a direct sequel to Sex Open World e Youkoso!

The new Sejima Seiya character is not an instance character to the original, and it should be deleted.Last modified on 2021-02-13 at 20:34
#3618 by croowe
2021-02-15 at 08:44
< report >r49687, r49688 and r49689 cancelled. Source: link.
#3619 by kancas
2021-02-18 at 15:08
< report >Natsuki Kanna is an alias for Sasamoto Natsue according to the credits for the console release of Hamidashi Creative:
#3620 by saeryen
2021-02-18 at 20:22
< report >r68347 is a duplicate since r64264 has both English and Thai as language options.
#3621 by npzmzfg
2021-02-18 at 21:25
< report >I'm guessing that one of r65352 and r65353 should be deleted and the other updated to include both platforms, as the two builds are identical except for the platform. I've added screenshots for r65352, so it would probably make the most sense to remove r65353, if I am right.
#3622 by sakuhanachan
2021-02-19 at 13:00
< report >r77934.1 is a dupe of r77223.5 by accident.
#3623 by beliar
2021-02-19 at 16:57
< report >@npzmzfg: Nothing wrong with Win and Web releases having separate entries.

We are frequently taking liberties by putting Win/Lin/Mac under a single release entry, even though they are usually separate builds. This is now treated as a norm, however Web releases haven't had such an established practice, so some users add them to the same release, others create separate ones. I prefer to keep them separate.
#3624 by npzmzfg
2021-02-19 at 17:31
< report >Thank you for the explanation.
Figuring out when to split/combine releases is something I struggle with a bit.
#3625 by eacil
2021-02-20 at 10:57
< report >No one wants to delete Once10 haha ha...
I didn't because I don't understand why it has two separate steam pages with screenshots featuring very different art styles. I read it's a unity port of the first partial release but do they have the same script (partially)? Or are r77513 and r61765 prototypes of the other releases, which were rewritten?