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#3726 by npzmzfg
2021-04-10 at 15:58
< report >The demo release r47389 is not a visual novel by my estimation: It has a short ADV segment when the game starts, maybe a minute or two long, but after that is is just a shoot-em-up score-chase game with no story. And that was the only release for Sick Dreams prior to it being cancelled (t2108.2806), so perhaps the entire thing should be removed.
#3727 by saitouakizuki
2021-04-11 at 20:33
< report >Hamabe Miu is an alias for Horiba Miki, according to the credits for the console release of Hamidashi Creative:
#3728 by mutsuki
2021-04-13 at 01:24
< report >Psychic Connections does this game really need all these releases? nothing major seems to be changing in terms of the vndb listings apart from the release number.
#3729 by 707
2021-04-15 at 13:06
< report >Tobiichi Origami needed?
#3730 by butterflygrrl
2021-04-17 at 03:32
< report >Arosia: an Erotic Storybook

All the TBA releases should probably be chopped. This project appears to have been canceled long ago - the websites for both the game and the studio are dead, and the fuwanovel/lemmasoft threads about the game's creation had all their post content stripped out. The archived versions of the website, before it died, was still promising a 2018 release.
#3731 by mrkew
2021-04-17 at 03:47
< report >Azur lane
Also might want to revert the dude's edits
#3732 by naiohoras
2021-04-17 at 03:49
< report >lol nevermind Mrkew already ahead of meLast modified on 2021-04-17 at 03:51
#3733 by mikuxdrift
2021-04-19 at 02:45
< report >D-Hayashi is an alias of Hayashi Tomoaki.

The conclusion was drawn from him saying he directed D.C.4 (and the later FD) while using the D-Hayashi alias. D.C.4 source: link

Meanwhile the game credits the name used is the other one.

And also him again saying he did Mai-HiME - Unmei no Keitouju but the one was credited is the Hayashi Tomoaki one. source:link

Sidenote: Could it be possible to just merge the two entries? being the Hayashi Tomoaki as primary name.
#3734 by mutsuki
2021-04-19 at 03:05
< report >r61432

limited time only digital only bundle
#3735 by 707
2021-04-20 at 13:34
< report >Pujia8 Limited duplicate
#3736 by ninius
2021-04-20 at 20:58
< report >Fantastic Poor has many releases for the demo but I don't see any differences between them other than the platforms?
#3737 by iwannarategames
2021-04-20 at 23:36
< report >Please delete Murder by Numbers for the reasons I listed in t7442.717
#3738 by nekonekogirl
2021-04-29 at 10:27
< report >Are Karino Shou and Karino Shou the same person? Should they be fused?
#3739 by mikuxdrift
2021-04-29 at 12:54
< report > v30942. Remake.
#3740 by bcirno
2021-04-29 at 15:27
< report >link
should be deleted because translator admitted using mtl here link and here link
#3741 by gambsgambs
2021-04-30 at 02:36
< report >#3740 0% of the text on the githubs linked on those pages is machine translated
#3742 by ninius
2021-04-30 at 20:39
< report >Caramel Mokaccino: After Hours hasn't seen changes in 5 years and the original game hasn't even gone past Alpha demo so...
#3743 by beliar
2021-04-30 at 21:57
< report >
Fantastic Poor has many releases for the demo but I don't see any differences between them other than the platforms?
For some dumb reason the dev has created different web pages for different platforms. And we cannot add multiple pages to a single release, so I'm inclined to leave this for now.

Arosia: an Erotic Storybook
Lol, I'm not even sure what was released for that game. The only actual entries we have are for the 18+ patches. Will need to do some research.
#3744 by vario
2021-05-02 at 08:27
< report >Seems like Shimodate Tadashi and date are the same person (see link). Closest thing I can find to the source is the fact that Shimodate was the director of Dotman (see link) and this page link of the same website lists date as the director as well.
#3745 by ezezin
2021-05-03 at 10:52
< report >I don't think that Baby Making Time is a visual novel. It's a dating simulator (?) made in RPG maker with some basic conversation in ADV format to fill the story; the game doesn't have uninterrupted dialogue since its primary gameplay element is forming couples.

Also Wet Summer Days is a point and click dating sim which it doesn't consistently uses the novel narrative for telling its story.Last modified on 2021-05-03 at 11:31
#3746 by npzmzfg
2021-05-03 at 16:17
< report >Corpse Party: re-call (first episode) is a duplicate of Corpse Party: re-call. Well, the Corpse Party: re-call (first episode) is just the first episode, but from what I can see it'll be released as a single game, so something like Corpse Party: re-call makes more sense. OTOH, Corpse Party: re-call (first episode) is currently the more complete entry, so it might make sense to keep that one, and just remove the "(first episode)" from the vn title and mark the release as partial.
#3747 by tester
2021-05-06 at 11:42
< report >Oji-san is Russian MLTer, who MTLed a few novels and then started to ask for donations. This producer ought to be deleted along with his releases.

I have a few proofs and even the admission of guilt (Russian only).
1. Sakura Sweetheart "translation" mini-check.
2. Sakura Sadist "translation" mini-check.
3. Admission of guilt (in the badly edited MTL)!

I'll even quote (to be precise, translate his admission into English) this "translator" (mistakes and style partially saved and adapted): "Well, for starts, I don't even really hide the fact that I usedtranslator cause it's such a pain to translate it from 0... For seconds, don't lie here, this translation is not 100% from such soft. I just didn't see the point in editing the parts of text with the same meaning. For thirds, there are some mistakes in it, so I wanna edit them and relood it to the site. And, for forth, nowadays it's quite strange to register in a site just to post one comment... ohhh..."Last modified on 2021-05-06 at 11:55
#3748 by nekonekogirl
2021-05-07 at 09:36
< report >Chiba Shouya and Chiba Shouya same person
#3749 by lunaterra
2021-05-08 at 04:48
< report >FANTASTIC POOR VISUAL NOVEL GAME dupe of Fantastic Poor
#3750 by npzmzfg
2021-05-08 at 14:34
< report >r78098 appears to be edited MTL as discussed in t15635: link