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#3776 by asaki
2021-05-27 at 10:06
< report >Please delete this (The link) because it's obviously not exist and that the creator of this has too much time so much that he decided to make a prank that Ginharu has complete translation patch released (I did edit the entry by the way lol).Last modified on 2021-05-27 at 10:06
#3777 by iwannarategames
2021-05-27 at 19:51
< report >Haishin is an action-adventure game that is confirmed to only have short dialogue scenes.

#3778 by draconyan
2021-05-28 at 12:32
< report >r79813 the team working on the fan patch said they're halting all work on it because of the official localization that was just announced: link
#3779 by butterflygrrl
2021-05-28 at 20:47
< report >A Case of Rank Since the kickstarter failed hard, there's no game website, there's been basically no activity or discussion of the game since the KS failure, should this be considered dead and deleted or just changed to TBA? It's certainly not coming out this month.
#3780 by beliar
2021-05-28 at 21:01
< report >From what I understand, the KS was for the English translation. In fact the KS states that the Japanese version was already 60% complete at the time of the campaign. The lack of communication from the devs is suspicious, but for now I think I'll TBA the release. I think it's too early for deletion.
#3781 by iwannarategames
2021-05-30 at 02:09
< report >r78501

The website for this translation seems to be down and the Twitter post announcing this project does not exist anymore.
#3782 by vario
2021-06-01 at 06:09
< report >Author of A Case of Rank posts updates on Twitter so it's definitely still in development.
#3783 by foiegras
2021-06-05 at 16:33
< report >I added Sara but she is a duplicate of Sara.
#3784 by ninius
2021-06-07 at 16:04
< report >r31372 has been 7 years without updating.
#3785 by tonaki
2021-06-07 at 22:59
< report >Melody
It has not been updated and cannot be found anywhere.
#3786 by jazz957
2021-06-07 at 23:06
< report >It has a partial release so it shouldn't be deleted.
#3787 by tonaki
2021-06-07 at 23:21
< report >But it doesn't exist on anymore, nor anywhere else.
#3788 by butterflygrrl
2021-06-08 at 00:05
< report >Many, many games are not officially available anymore, but were once. Games don't get delisted just because their pages went down.
#3789 by tonaki
2021-06-08 at 00:09
< report >I see, will take note of that.
#3790 by ninius
2021-06-08 at 11:49
< report >The two TBA releases of Reach for the Stars probably won't happen. Kickstarter has been dead for 2 years.
#3791 by koyomiyume
2021-06-09 at 18:40
< report >r52825 should be removed. The group said they won't do it.
#3792 by sy74kya
2021-06-10 at 10:36
< report >Obey Me! should be removed. This isn't a VN, it's just a standard mobile game.
#3793 by ninius
2021-06-11 at 12:58
< report >Exciting Plunge - Visual Novel I can't find anything about this being in development.
#3794 by butterflygrrl
2021-06-11 at 15:32
< report >r48801 While the page for the existing release does say it's only a demo, it was a game jam entry almost 5 years ago. There was never any announcement of a larger version being planned and there haven't been any updates at all since 2016. There's no sign of the developer elsewhere that I can find.
#3795 by lunaterra
2021-06-12 at 03:36
< report >r51688 cancelled link
#3796 by onorub
2021-06-12 at 14:04
< report >Not exactly a deletion request, but Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna being separate like that is just the kind of mess people were fearing when discussing the console arcs as an entry. Maybe merging the entries as "Higurashi When They Cry (Console Arcs)" would be preferable?
#3797 by ezezin
2021-06-12 at 15:04
< report >Well, that was fast. r80381, r80382 and r80363 should be merged. They are the same release with almost the same "content" but in different platforms (and this should be added in notes: Nintendo Switch Exclusive: Poem notebook inner coversheet).

Edit: Don't we have a "merge request" thread or something like that for this?... nvm, last one was 10 years ago.

Edit 2: Now I see that those are physical copies, I don't know how i confused those releases as digital download. Just ignore this, my bad.Last modified on 2021-06-12 at 15:30
#3798 by butterflygrrl
2021-06-12 at 15:18
< report >I thought it was decided to split platform releases even if they are all the same content if they have to be bought separately?
#3799 by beliar
2021-06-12 at 15:49
< report >
I thought it was decided to split platform releases even if they are all the same content if they have to be bought separately?
Indeed. Physicals should always be separated, based on the platform. There is some leeway with the digitals - we commonly merge Win/Mac/Lin if they were released on the same date. However, other digital releases that are not compatible with each other should also be split.
#3800 by xiandora
2021-06-13 at 01:43
< report >link
It's an animation, no a VN.