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#401 by anonymous
2013-09-12 at 04:50
< report >Please delete p3700; duplicate of p3063.
#402 by anonymous
2013-09-12 at 19:27
< report >Argh, somehow r29165 posted twice (duplicate of r29164); please delete.
#403 by merup
2013-09-16 at 00:33
< report >r29268 last edit says it was canceled
Edit: maybe this applies to r28071 too, I can't read Portuguese
Edit2: actually by looking at it again i noticed, it was added by some guy and marked "canceled" by the same guy right after that. so it should be safe to delete.

p3724 (just added?)
For a producer to be listed, they're required to have at least released one completed product
Last modified on 2013-09-17 at 01:29
#404 by enigma
2013-09-16 at 17:28
< report >You missed one yorhel p3722 no releases.
#405 by ds1150
2013-09-18 at 05:15
< report >Could you please delete r29362? Accidently created a duplicate of r29097. My bad.
#406 by umikazevn
2013-09-19 at 01:00
< report >r25655 has been canceled.
#407 by onemore
2013-09-19 at 04:45
< report >Maybe we should wait a bit and see if anybody picks it up?
#408 by merup
2013-09-19 at 04:50
< report >there should be another active tl project (unless it died too?) So this will happen only if someone will be really bored... Besides did they released at least trial yet?
#409 by gerardlonewolf
2013-09-19 at 08:23
< report >@407 It has already been picked up by umikazevn, so we can delete that one now.
#410 by anonymous
2013-09-19 at 16:54
< report >I've consolidated the releases for v13625 into one release, so r29421 and r29422 should be deleted.
#411 by binfujiwara
2013-09-20 at 06:59
< report >c12269 is a clone of c196, and c12273 is a clone of c3558.
BTW, I personally think we should consider adding instances of the other Umineko and Higurashi character design.Last modified on 2013-09-20 at 07:03
#412 by nutellafan
2013-09-22 at 08:57
< report >Duplicate character:

Please delete this one (link) and keep this one (link). Thank you.

EDIT: I found another duplicate. Please delete c13720 and keep c12267.Last modified on 2013-09-25 at 03:47
#413 by enigma
2013-09-26 at 17:46
< report >v11964 was added by a person who thinks RPGs are VNs see t4605
#414 by nady
2013-09-26 at 19:52
< report >Someone told me that r23868 isn't relevant anymore. Please delete it.
#415 by Yorhel
2013-09-27 at 09:40
< report >
c12269 is a clone of c196, and c12273 is a clone of c3558.
Seems like a correct use of instances following d12#2.1:
The two characters are the same character used by different developers. This may result in different interpretations of the character or different art styles. For example, Emiya Shirou in Fate/stay night and in in Happy Valentines Day.
#416 by enigma
2013-09-28 at 07:52
< report >p3812 is nothing more than a link to the person's facebook page and yes there are no releases. The person added that entry just for a bit of advertising.
#417 by binfujiwara
2013-09-30 at 18:58
< report >@yorhel
Ah, then it's ok, I think.

c11724 and c12321.
Another duplicate, this time made by me by mistake. But the one I created is more complete and is consistent to the others.

EDIT: Thank you.Last modified on 2013-10-01 at 07:52
#418 by enigma
2013-10-02 at 19:16
< report >p3825 once again, no releases. Jedp "corporation" S.A? Are they suppose to be big or someone with a big imagination?Last modified on 2013-10-02 at 19:18
#419 by merup
2013-10-06 at 19:48
< report >r29887 is a newer version of r10296
I don't think it worth 2 entries. IMO newer one should be merged into older one. Otherwise some other patches can have 10+ versions :D
Edit: also, from what I understand, they expect to release more versions in the future, if project won't die. But these are all revisions of the same patch by the same team that applies to the same source VN in the same way.Last modified on 2013-10-06 at 20:06
#420 by as17
2013-10-09 at 12:59
< report >Recently I noticed that there's a lot of non-English translation projects that are TBA. Because they tend to die as frequently as English ones but generally no one cares (and because I was bored) I compiled list of delete candidates.
My main gauge was that vndb entry was added/last edited over 2.5 years ago, which is rather safe to assume death for most projects. Then I searched for any up-to-date info on the web (with some help of google translate as I don't speak these languages) but mostly to no avail.
I know I might be mistaken in some cases but it's better to readd/undelete single release than to have 30+ useless entries in database in my opinion.

v3289 + r6434 + r7701 + r6437 + r7702 - added 2010-01-22, nothing released as far as I could confirm, website unavailable
v3290 + r6435 + r6438 - added 2010-01-22, nothing released as far as I could confirm, website unavailable
v3339 + r6524 + r6525 - added 2010-01-31, nothing released as far as I could confirm, website unavailable
v3354 + r6666 + r6667 - added 2010-02-03, nothing released, website unavailable
v3355 + r6665 + r6668 - added 2010-02-03, nothing released, website unavailable
r6545 - added 2010-02-03, website unavailable
r6670 - added 2010-02-14, website unavailable
r16410 - added 2011-10-14, last update on wiki 2011-10-15
r25924 - superseded by r27973

r7713 - added 2010-04-24, website unavailable
r7726 - added 2010-04-24, website unavailable
r7908 - added 2010-05-13, website unavailable
r9442 - added 2010-08-07, last post from 2010-12-18
r9639 - added 2010-08-17, no info on website
r11446 - added 2010-12-22, website unavailable

r4088 - czech translation wasn't officialy allowed, no signs of progress since 2009

r8385 - added 2010-06-12, last update on wiki website from 2011-03-05 + p1408 - no releases

v936 + r1885 - added 2008-07-19, no info found + p452 - no releases
r1847 - added 2008-07-13, last update from 2009-11-01, website unavailable, no info on group's website
r1870 - added 2008-07-18, website unavailable
r1871 - added 2008-07-18, website unavailable
r1873 - added 2008-07-18, blog is dead

r22124 - copy of r21052 + p2785 - no releases

r9374 - added 2010-08-01, last blog update from 2010-05-11
r12471 - added 2011-02-01, last update from 2011-03-05
r11490 - added 2010-12-24, last update form 2010-11-29 + p1796 - nothing released
r11491 - added 2010-12-24, last update form 2011-07-29 + p1796 - nothing released
r11492 - added 2010-12-24, not even started + p1796 - nothing released

r5320 - added 2009-10-05, last update on blog is from 2011-01-22, and translation seems to be in form of blog posts btw
r9786 - added 2010-08-31, website unavailable
r10767 - superseded by r23018
r10768 - added 2010-11-06, website unavailable
r16548 - added 2011-10-20, website unavailable, there is r23139 alreadyLast modified on 2013-10-09 at 13:01
#421 by gabezhul
2013-10-09 at 13:20
< report >Wow, nice job. Kudos there, this is really helpful. :)
#422 by as17
2013-10-09 at 13:58
< report >No problem, I should've been working on my school project so I found something more useful to do :)
#423 by abyssaleros
2013-10-09 at 18:52
< report >Someone please delete v13409 as this is just the complete and extended version of the the volumes of ヌキアニ!!
#424 by rusanon
2013-10-09 at 23:33
< report >@423
Aren't such games usually united into single VN record with several releases? Like v10640 or v10893
#425 by merup
2013-10-10 at 06:33
< report >Edit: sorry, probably I misunderstood something. Please ignore this message.Last modified on 2013-10-10 at 06:36