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#4951 by Mrkew
2022-11-14 at 12:50
< report >The plot is not yet evolved in the beginning, so it's obvious that there will be less of it in the trial. I already argued the points in the initial creation note, but fine let's go over them again. You can decide based on the guidelines of the database.

The game consistently uses the novel narrative for telling its story. Examples include describing visuals, events, character actions or thoughts. This point is ESSENTIAL - dialogues, no matter how extensive, are a characteristic of such game genres as RPGs, adventure games, dating simulations, etc., NOT of visual novels.
Check. It switches between first person and third person narration based on the current PoV. Actual narration, not voiced thoughts.

The story is told employing one of the known Visual Novel presentation methods such as ADV, NVL and their variations, consistently and for a significant length - at least 50% of the game should be made of pure, VN-style reading.
Check. Absolute majority of the playthrough, you will be staring at an ADV screen. It was at most 5 hours of gameplay out of 35 hours I spent on it.

The storytelling segments should continue uninterrupted for a significant amount of time. The game should refrain from interrupting the reading and prompting the player to interact with the environment too frequently, lest the interactive elements overshadow the novel-like narrative. Depending on the presentation and the narrative techniques, some visual novels can be more prone to interrupt the narrative than others. Ultimately, if a game belongs in the database will be determined by examining the game as a whole, rather than just the sum of its parts.
Check. Later on, you can go well over an hour without the reading segments being interrupted by anything.

Edit: Going to post a video recording in a few hours for a review to clear any doubt.Last modified on 2022-11-14 at 13:40
#4952 by Mrkew
2022-11-14 at 20:43
< report >Here you go link. Lidl quality and no sound because my OBS is sick, but it's sufficient for a demonstration. The summary is easy: Of the 2hr6m this video has, only 8 minutes is gameplay, half of which was me getting lost because I didn't pay attention to which 東街道 it's sending me to. Note that during this I also got unlocks for side stories, which are parts that canonically happen during the story but they're not important enough to be read immediately and you can do so at your own leisure. Reading those right away would've brought the ratio of gameplay even lower than it already is.
You can even select a difficulty which will skip all the boss fights. That's not what a JRPG looks like.
#4953 by Saetron
2022-11-14 at 21:49
< report >r97139 is a store exclusive bundle, was already deleted as r95961, but got recreated by another user
#4954 by soddery
2022-11-17 at 20:23
< report >link is not a dupe and is to differentiate the Steam version which requires a patch to the 18+ version that was confirmed to sell on other storefronts.
#4955 by trickzzter
2022-11-18 at 03:43
< report >If it's not a dupe, why it has Steam link?
#4956 by Ileca
2022-11-18 at 08:40
< report >Does that kind of crap count as VN? You probably better check the game yourself > Another Truth.
Like alternating of text and pictures with hyperlinks linking pages between them.Last modified on 2022-11-18 at 09:55
#4957 by Yorhel
2022-11-18 at 10:33
< report >I don't think so. I've ruled in favor of HTML games before, but at least those were trying to emulate a VN interface. This feels like a different beast altogether.
#4958 by beliar
2022-11-18 at 15:51
< report >Yeah, this is definitely not a VN. There are thousands of games like it, and while I'm not sure there is one widely acceptable name for them, I personally call them interactive novels.
#4959 by seikimatsu
2022-11-19 at 03:06
< report >link afaik there was never any distinct first press/regular release for the PS2 port of LWRQ and it was certainly never backported to PC with the aya&kaya subtitle
#4960 by soddery
2022-11-20 at 03:02
< report >r98735 dupe of r98736
r98734 dupe of r98733
#4961 by seikimatsu
2022-11-20 at 16:30
< report >hope this is the right thread to use for this --
Kamachi Tetsuya should be combined with Coma. he is even credited as COMA for Demon City (egs link) and tadokoro talks about him & demon city in chapter 22 of 田所広成の反省記FC編下巻Last modified on 2022-11-20 at 16:33
#4962 by Ileca
2022-11-20 at 22:05
< report >Coma is not credited for Demon City. I know because I completed them. Credits are also available here > link.
#4963 by badspot
2022-11-22 at 10:57
< report >r96718 needs to be removed as Sekai isn't releasing 18+ version.
#4964 by tsukiakari2216
2022-11-22 at 11:00
< report >#4963 Ah yes, Marklord at it again. How many times he recreates the entry over and over because of "Denpasoft exist". Then would complain about mosaics.Last modified on 2022-11-22 at 11:00
#4965 by badspot
2022-11-22 at 20:37
< report >r98843 I can't believe I'm posting this for the third time. The copium overdose is real with this one.Last modified on 2022-11-22 at 20:38
#4966 by Ileca
2022-11-22 at 22:37
< report >This guy is a joke. You should see what he posts on reddit. He has negative karma lmao and is considered a living (stale) running gag on r/visualnovels. I found weird we were spared but I guess I was wrong.
#4967 by dchsflii
2022-11-23 at 02:24
< report >According to the developer's discord r81383 has been canceled and the full version will never release.Last modified on 2022-11-23 at 02:25
#4968 by fuck
2022-11-27 at 18:46
< report >link - all his previous translations and website are deleted.
#4969 by wuthgeca
2022-11-28 at 16:37
< report >r96863 is cancelled from link
#4970 by mcrusko
2022-11-30 at 14:32
< report >link Licobits is not a visual novel, or even a game. It is a collab brand between Broccoli and TIS Creation that will create games in the future. linkLast modified on 2022-11-30 at 14:33
#4971 by Ileca
2022-12-01 at 22:54
< report >Can't read Russian but Na kraju sveta looks like a mess with too many releases.
I also doubt the game contains
*All scenes Hand drawn/3D sprites
*All scenes Hand drawn/3D CGs
Some people (as it is not the first time I see that) don't see this is the ANIMATION section and think it's about which art style is used... :///////
#4972 by harleyquin
2022-12-02 at 01:57
< report >Everything from u231248.

A mass of troll edits from a user registered on 1st December 2022.
#4973 by hoshii-san
2022-12-02 at 03:45
< report >Taikutsu TL dupe of Taikutsu Translations.
#4974 by harleyquin
2022-12-03 at 02:52
< report >Fuiru Muderekuta

Can't read the Hiragana (It says Film Director, too bad the machine crutch doesn't spot it), doesn't have any info beyond the name and a couple of staff, no screenshots or store page to check what this is.
#4975 by Ileca
2022-12-03 at 05:15
< report >You can play the β edition of the game here > link. Have fun.