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#5051 by parkjinhon
2023-01-21 at 19:45
< report >according to wikipedia Daraku Monogatari ~ Aru Jiyuujin no Hanashi ~ and Seiyoku no Toriko are never been released

linkLast modified on 2023-01-21 at 19:48
#5052 by Ileca
2023-01-21 at 20:17
< report >Weird that 性欲の虜 is listed on Surugaya (with a scanned cover?). That being said, the 2002/09/20 date is contradicted by the official website which says 2003年発売.Last modified on 2023-01-21 at 20:19
#5053 by parkjinhon
2023-01-21 at 22:41
< report >There is a canceled game called 'Try Artifact 失わし秘宝', which also has a page on surugaya
However, this product seems to be a soundtrack, not a game.


Maybe it's a similar case?
#5054 by tsumetaifrench
2023-01-23 at 17:21
< report >r79089, r61105 and r58973 should be deleted. It's been two years without updates nor comments from neither of the groups (and one is trying to hide it's an MTL)

The first one I don't know much about, but r58973 and r61105 are definitely dead and should be deleted already.
#5055 by tsumetaifrench
2023-01-23 at 17:24
< report >r81303, r81811 and r28307 have no updates nor comments in years either (and one has been there since 2014. I saw another group wanted to do it but that project is also dead in the water)
#5056 by tsumetaifrench
2023-01-23 at 17:30
< report >r67081, r57357, r63100, r58936, r63077, r71733, r85946 More dead projects or projects with no status at all.
#5057 by Ileca
2023-01-23 at 22:55
< report >Aphotic Side
RPG in early stage. Most likely nothing to do with VN.
#5058 by Ezezin
2023-01-23 at 23:27
< report >#5054, #5055 and #5056:

Ongoing translations: r58973 (Last confirmation on Discord, 2022-11)

Deleted: r79089 (link); r58936, r62600 and r57357 (Stalled since 2021-08-27); r67081 (Last update was in 2019, translator is not active since 2021); r63077 and r63100 (Only an announcement made in 2019, no progress since then); r85946 (link)

Unsure: r61105, r81303, r81811, r28307, all Yasei Gumi's TBA projects.Last modified on 2023-01-23 at 23:31
#5059 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 03:11
< report >I think Mofuku no Gibo is a low price version of Aiiro no Kankei.

The Amazon page on Mofuku no Gibo also says it's a low price version of other game
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#5060 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 05:59
< report >Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou is a canceled game


But there is voter.
that's weirdLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 06:51
#5061 by tsukiakari2216
2023-01-24 at 06:35
< report >#5060 that's just the sales being discontinued. The game is a complete game, it even has a release date and sales page on Getchu.

The game is still a complete game despite the current state. A lot of old games has sales discontinued as well.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 06:35
#5062 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 06:37
< report >No, their is no release date in getchu it says 発売日: 未定
It's a canceled game

The meaning of 発売中止 is closer to canceled, than discontinuedLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 06:50
#5063 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 06:44
< report >Search '月の彼方で会いましょう Classico' on Twitter

All the tweets you can see are 'this game has been cancelled'

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#5064 by tsukiakari2216
2023-01-24 at 06:47
< report >Yeah, you are right, that's quite weird that its been here since long. Though the games page is quite complete as well.
#5065 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 08:57
< report >Ane Ona H! Is combined pack of AneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~ and OnaTra! ~Onaidoshi to H na Training~
#5066 by parkjinhon
2023-01-24 at 22:00
< report >This is the Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou page of 2dfan, a Chinese visual novel information site.


Here, too, this game is writen as unreleased and they are making jokes such as 'this game will be released at the end of the world' and 'it will be out in 2030'.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 22:36
#5067 by fuck
2023-01-24 at 22:16
< report >link and link is the same VN. Screenshots and descriprion are very similar.
#5068 by wuthgeca
2023-01-25 at 16:36
< report >r102883 is dupe of r102882.
#5069 by cvndb
2023-01-27 at 11:22
< report >r102967 is dupe of r60367, delete r102967 please
#5070 by Altarius
2023-01-27 at 13:19
< report >Now, as we are merging entries for Yu-No, those chars should be deleted:
Arima Takuya
Arima Ayumi
Asakura Kaori
Hatano Kanna
Ichijou Mitsuki
Ryuuzouji Kouzou
Shimazu Mio
Takeda Eriko
Yuuki Masakatsu
#5071 by wuthgeca
2023-01-29 at 13:50
< report >r101754 is likely dupe of r101032.
#5072 by tsukiakari2216
2023-02-01 at 05:31
< report >Explaining both r93623 and r92916 circumstances:
Originally both was done by two different teams: Summer Team and the Crowdln team.

However Summer team didnt finish their patch due to lack of interest and stating "will come back when there's interest", and the Crowdln basically MIA after reached 100%, not doing further jobs.

I'm editing on Crowdln part as it used their contents more rather than the Summer Team (only demo as basis, but nothing more than that) , and I'm not really agree of deleting the Summer Team one since they didnt definitely cancelled the job and the current release isnt theirs either, so I disagree that it is a dupe or anything. But well, probability of coming back they said small either, so yeah, just close it for now I think.

(No, Nakanoista has no involvement in any of those)Last modified on 2023-02-01 at 05:32
#5073 by shit
2023-02-01 at 06:06
< report >link is not a VN. It is dupe of link.
#5074 by Ileca
2023-02-01 at 06:11
< report >Your readme made me jump to a wrong conclusion when you talked about the owner of the project going MIA and asking where went Nakanoista at the end, with him coming back on twitter at the very time I tried to fix this mess, asking for forgiveness for going MIA. An "owner" couldn't be Crowdin (as it is crowd tling) and Summer Team was marked as having done the demo only so I naturally thought you were talking about Nakanoista.
You even link to the Summer Team's discord in your readme as the place to go for complaints, making me think it was related, that Nakanoista was a member of Summer Team or something?
As for Crowdin, I tried to access it and even registered to the website just to find the page deactivated but now it's live again.

Lol what a huge mess. Seriously, you should be more explicit when writing a readme.

But yes, it's not a dupe, but a merging. And Nakanoista had nothing to do with that. He is now back baby.
As for the Summer Team's tl, I can reinstate the release if they say they are still working on it now that I know what is going on.

Edit: did you also port the game to window$? r103083
Edit2: now that I know that Nakanoista has nothing to do with the project, I should revert it to complete as, now that the Crowdin page is back, I see it's 100% translated and 53% edited, which is pretty equivalent to complete given it won't have any update on your part on the editing part I assume.Last modified on 2023-02-01 at 06:22
#5075 by tsukiakari2216
2023-02-01 at 08:04
< report >That's FWS (they are here as u235465) to answer, not me (I'm just a mere fan), but as a person who follows both projects, each team has been known working of each of their own without crossing with each other. Its understandable why you might not aware - they are not really exposed to the general VN community (there was no VNDB entry for months until I put it here) and more active in the QQ sub. In fact until they done with the demo I wasn't aware of Summer Team doing it either.

>An "owner" couldn't be Crowdin (as it is crowd tling)
The crowdln owner at this point should be the project leader, or people who supposed to do the programming and insertion part of the text which obviously don't happen. True that participant can basically put it out and do it anywhere else, but then this is a Switch game and they aimed for a Switch patch release and I kinda think that it just a mere ethic to not disturb the authority of the project. But well, at least FWS stepped up and saves the day, so case closed on this one.

>did you also port the game to window$? r103083
Nope, but I think I have an idea on people who have probably done it. It's another Kaleido ADV game, after all.