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#2601 by terios121
2018-12-08 at 14:34
Carefree Accidental dupe of carefree
my bad.
#2602 by trickzzter
2018-12-08 at 16:40
Undelete this please: r49710.1

"Steam Bundle" part was added to differentiate it from another bundle which includes Android version. r34591Last modified on 2018-12-08 at 16:40
#2603 by gregory
2018-12-09 at 19:17
Accident Duplicate: link
#2604 by terios121
2018-12-09 at 19:45
Alice Syndrome 1
Not a VN, But a Hentai DVD Video with 2 Stories, Both of them are Parodies of Fairy tales/Märchen.

1 -> Akazukin-chan Yawa (Parody of Charles Perrault's "The Red Riding Hood/Le Petit Chaperon rouge)
2 -> Usagi Musume to Kame (Parody of Aesop's "The Tortoise and the Hare")Last modified on 2018-12-09 at 19:59
#2605 by gregory
2018-12-09 at 20:10
Ok, that's hilarious that there's a hentai parody of Little Red Riding Hood, but if it is a hentai, how come it's not on the Anidb?
#2606 by savagetiger
2018-12-13 at 11:37
The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator the kickstarter failed and there's just vague we wanna still make it someday replies to comments.
Does the backer message say anything concrete?
#2607 by beliar
2018-12-13 at 16:31
The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator the kickstarter failed and there's just vague we wanna still make it someday replies to comments.
And that's, kids, why you do not add a crowdfunding project to the db before it reaches the monetary goal.

@2602: I don't think store specific bundles need to be added as releases to the Db. And they mostly aren't. For example, if a VN and a DLC are released on Steam, they get their own releases, but when the said VN is inevitably paired with the said DLC and called something like "Deluxe Bundle", we don't add those.

Case in point link. See that the page also has two bundles that are not in the db. Why would WEE get an exception?
#2608 by traumatizer
2018-12-13 at 17:38
Momochi Ruka = Sanada Akane's alias (link)

(also bringing up my old post, in case a mod didn't see it):

After looking through many gameplay videos and reading a few reviews too, Utawarerumono Zan is NOT a visual novel, it's pretty much a Senran Kagura game, and the genre is even listed as just "Action".

(example, showing both the action and the "vn bits": link)Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 17:39
#2609 by nekonekogirl
2018-12-14 at 08:59
I think Kuuzoku Senki Sora is more of a (discontinued) card game than a VN...
More info in link
#2610 by printerdesu
2018-12-14 at 12:05

for some reason it added three times
#2611 by eacil
2018-12-14 at 23:43
r31075 superseded by r24104.
I can't read Korean but I question r31615 which seem to be a similar duplicate with only LivingFLCL as a difference? It shouldn't trigger separate releases, anyway, and they link the same website.
r15111. Team is dead and it's been 3 years for that "possibility" to happen.Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 23:44
#2612 by adamstan
2018-12-18 at 15:40
Isn't r61080 duplicate of r53862 ?Last modified on 2018-12-18 at 15:43
#2613 by shining17
2018-12-18 at 17:14
Fukurou-san kickstarter busted, sadly.
#2614 by beliar
2018-12-18 at 17:36
The game is still being created, but in Japanese only. The KS was for English translation. The dev team wrote that they will try to rerun the campaign after the release of the JP version. That's why I previously deleted the EN release, but left the JP one.
#2615 by eiesoldar
2018-12-18 at 18:15
I suppose, Studio Trips and Studio Trips should be merged.
#2616 by beliar
2018-12-18 at 21:24
Can someone corroborate that Kuuzoku Senki Sora is not a VN? The article seems to call it a card game, but I cannot find any gameplay video to confirm.
#2617 by harleyquin
2018-12-19 at 04:28
Time Traveler Brent

No traceable information. Post made by user with brand new account. Suspected troll entry.
#2618 by terios121
2018-12-19 at 14:45
Obaka na Mama to Iwanaide ~Houkei Ochi*po Milk ga Oishii no♪~ is a Cg Ilustration and not a vn.Last modified on 2018-12-19 at 14:45
#2619 by beliar
2018-12-20 at 00:01
@2618: I checked the trial and it is indeed a visual novel, even though dlsite classifies it as 'cg/illustrations'.
#2620 by savagetiger
2018-12-22 at 13:43
Peroperochiino alias of Hanae Natsuki
#2621 by trickzzter
2018-12-22 at 13:47
@2607 ok, then you should remove the other bundles too:
r34590 and r34591
These are "store specific" (Kickstarter specific) bundles too. Especially the digital one, it's probably just a bundle of Steam keys, so it's not any better than Steam bundle.Last modified on 2018-12-22 at 13:59
#2622 by hoshii-san
2018-12-25 at 17:25
r45919 and r37254 was a mistake. And these vn are in spanish right now. Delete please.Last modified on 2018-12-25 at 17:25
#2623 by printerdesu
2018-12-26 at 12:27
please delete:
v24950 duplicate of v24638
p8685 duplicate of p6162
#2624 by 9ru4ien
2018-12-28 at 13:31
r61262 is my mistake, dupe of r46165
#2625 by raccooncitizen
2018-12-30 at 13:35
Someone else also pointed it out link


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