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#2626 by alexlung
2018-12-30 at 14:50
mouse double click

r61315 is a duplicate of r61316
#2627 by alexlung
2018-12-30 at 14:50
oops. mouse is fking upLast modified on 2018-12-30 at 14:51
#2628 by savagetiger
2018-12-31 at 02:32
Kalmia Scarlet - company announced that they aren't publishing the game with a different brand.
#2629 by trickzzter
2019-01-01 at 02:56
I don't think store specific bundles need to be added as releases to the Db.
Store specific bundles: r34590 r34591Last modified on 2019-01-01 at 02:57
#2630 by alexlung
2019-01-01 at 12:37
r61367 is a duplicate of r61366

when press submit it creates 2 entries -.-
#2631 by beliar
2019-01-09 at 17:06
Store specific bundles: r34590 r34591

r34591 indeed seems like it's just a KS specific tier that simply includes Steam keys for all three episodes. Hence it really shouldn't be here as a separate release entry.
However, r34590 is a completely different beast. It's a physical release containing all three episodes. No question it belongs here... that is, if it's ever released...
#2632 by terios121
2019-01-09 at 21:42
You've been told countless times not to make these empty entries based on nothing but seeing a name in a screenshot, please don't start doing it again.


Ofeng, Xuner, Prisha and Xiaoyun are Nothing but empty character entries (Based on nothing but seeing a name in a screenshot) by u124919, Who is infamous for his Inaccurate edits. (Somehow worse level than u7647) These empty character entries really needs to be removed or corrected.Last modified on 2019-01-09 at 21:48
#2633 by onorub
2019-01-12 at 00:15
The Set Up no release information
#2634 by gundamace
2019-01-13 at 18:36
r61594 is not a thing. The company involved has merely said they would like to release it in English, not that they will. Until they have actually confirmed that they are releasing an English version, this cannot be called an announcement, and therefore this entry should be deleted.
#2635 by thewayfarer
2019-01-14 at 04:25
Horror school
It's too ambiguous for me to search up; Probably a troll entry based on the summary and "description".
#2636 by wakaranai
2019-01-14 at 06:18
r56176 duplicate of r42351
#2637 by beliar
2019-01-14 at 16:03
@2636: There are two versions of the patch - one for the English releases and one for the JP releases. The two entries reflect that. I added notes to more easily distinguish them.
#2638 by december
2019-01-15 at 09:01
Whoever obeyed terios121's unjust command is the true vandal. I added correct information and you removed it. Something is better than nothing. You need foundations to build on.
#2639 by [deleted]
2019-01-15 at 10:51
If there's literally no information about a character besides a name, not even an image or a single character trait, the character is probably not significant enough to have an entry.
#2640 by harleyquin
2019-01-15 at 11:17
The guidelines in link are just that, guidelines. "Contributors" who think adding a blank entry with little more than a name aren't exactly flouting any database rules.

Short of rewriting the editing guidelines for characters to specify a minimum content level, edits flagged up in post #2632 are going to continue since user and his clone accounts will not change ways unless forced to do so.
#2641 by beliar
2019-01-15 at 17:11
@tyciol (aka a man of a thousand faces): While our rules regarding the character entries are very lax, the bare minimum standard still should be upheld. At least add a picture, or if you don't have a picture, attach a seiyuu to the entry. If you don't know the seiyuu, add a few token traits - just adding hair and eye colour would suffice... or a short description. Hack, anything would be better than simply slapping down a bare name and calling it an entry. That's just god damned laziness. And you didn't even check the characters' sex! That at least would have been something.
#2642 by wakaranai
2019-01-15 at 19:17
his clone accounts will not change ways unless forced to do so.
do you seriously think that a mere addition to the guidelines would force to change his behavior, something that multiple bans failed to achieve? that's a wishful thinking on your part. guidelines should be just that - guidelines, not a comprehensive set of rules for every possible situation. specifics are left to mods and community to decide. additional rules to accommodate for eventual idiots would just lead to unnecessary FAQ bloat, and those idiots don't read guidelines in the first place, so what's the point?
#2643 by harleyquin
2019-01-15 at 22:33
Wishful thinking perhaps, but it's one less loophole the lazy can exploit when they try to justify their sub-standard troll entries.

Oh well.
#2644 by xg70d
2019-01-16 at 02:53
Can someone please take a look at Yuuki Rin? I don't understand why there is an "other instance" for her character in the sequel. She's not significantly older, no change in appearance, not from a different timeline, her identity is not a secret to our POV, not from a different producer, etc.

I read this but didn't understand the grammar, let alone his reasoning behind the other instance.

EDIT: Oh, and the MC in the game too. I think there is no need to have two instances for both games.
EDIT2: Sorry, didn't know I could edit it myself. Please ignore.Last modified on 2019-01-17 at 01:01
#2645 by chipp12
2019-01-17 at 06:20
Nanamugi Hiroi Nanahoshi Dentou
There's very high possibility that it's the same person since official page for Nanahoshi Dentou lists works that Nanamugi Hiroi was involved in (and they also share 七 in the name)

Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Graphics (HD ver.)
Tsumi naru Rasen no Ori -Whispers of Iscariot- Artist
Gin'iro, Haruka Character design (2 male characters), Artist
Psy-min Appli -Akumu no Netorare Game- Scenario

・Key [planetarian(プラネタリアン)」HDリマスターに彩色参加
・toneworks最新作PCゲーム「銀色、遥か」にて、ベスリールート・男性キャラ2体 キャラデザ/原画/彩色
・スタジオ奪様18禁PCゲーム「サイミンアプリ-悪夢の寝取られゲーム-」シナリオサポート参加Last modified on 2019-01-17 at 06:20
#2646 by thewayfarer
2019-01-18 at 09:52
Kurumi Hana dupe of Kurumi Hana
#2647 by eltramng
2019-01-18 at 17:55
r58729 r58728 they are duplicates and seems that abandoned. delete pleaseLast modified on 2019-01-18 at 17:56
#2648 by xg70d
2019-01-21 at 04:50
Please delete Date Souichirou and Ooteki Aya. Those are duplicates of Date Souichirou and Ooteki Aya, respectively.

Also Yuuki Rin and Yuuki Isamu, which are duplicates of Yuuki Rin and Yuuki Isamu, respectively.

Thank you.Last modified on 2019-01-21 at 04:52
#2649 by wakaranai
2019-01-23 at 05:18
Sakura Rin alias of Akizuki Momoko - link
#2650 by wakaranai
2019-01-23 at 08:10
Watabe Shin'ya duplicate of Watabe Shin'ya


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