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#2676 by eacil
2019-02-13 at 03:20
r56072 cancelled.
1/13/19 10:47:38 PM
Le chef de la team a décidé qu'il ne voulait pas sortir le patch, finalement :/
Crunchyrollfr: Je ne suis pas forcément d'accord avec ce choix mais je ne suis pas le chef. Je reste toutefois à ta disposition si tu as d'autres questions.
Source: the website's chat.
#2677 by origin
2019-02-13 at 15:16
Is it ok that a link to the official website leads to a playlist with walkthrough on YouTube? r36760
#2678 by trickzzter
2019-02-13 at 16:00
@2677 It's not walkthrough. This is how this translation has been "released".
#2679 by vortexoblivion
2019-02-15 at 21:49
link is a dupe of link.Last modified on 2019-02-15 at 21:50
#2680 by dongeorge
2019-02-16 at 16:18
link website down and group dead
link link down, website down and not a single backup link in world wide web
link website down (spanish)
link website down (german)
link TBA since 5 years? Wired...
#2681 by beliar
2019-02-16 at 16:55
It doesn't matter if the website is down, the group is gone or no working copy is available. The entries are not removed from the db. Well, except for the last one, which I doubt will ever be released.
#2682 by [deleted]
2019-02-16 at 18:36
These patches should be deleted if they are machine translations, as one comment suggests. (I don't know if they are; hopefully someone else understands enough German to investigate.)
#2683 by beliar
2019-02-16 at 19:22
It would be great if someone could actually confirm if those are machine translations or not. I don't want to pull the trigger on speculation alone.
#2684 by alto
2019-02-16 at 19:39
Could you please re-visit deleting releases like r22184 and r59411? These are bundles direct from the publisher, have their own dedicated pages and can save people money. IMO knowledge of their existence is beneficial to users. Adding things like IndieGala bundles is a step too far, but I don't see why bundles of related games - especially if they are advertised on the developer's site - should not be added.

Edit: It's also very convenient for VN lists as adding a release with multiple games adds all of them to your VN list. I find this great when there's more than a few in a release.Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 19:45
#2685 by abyssaleros
2019-02-16 at 19:43
@beliar #2683: I looked into the text file of one translation. I can neither confirm nor deny that these translation are that of a machine.
I doubt they are, the grammar looks fine enough, but the guy who did it has a huge problem with capital and minor letter in German.
I doubt that any translation tool makes such errors.
Maybe he is not from Germany and not skilled enough in German grammar or one of those who recently learned to write German in school how they speak.
Nothing good derives from this modern approach.
#2686 by beliar
2019-02-16 at 20:03
@alto: The question is where do we make the line. There are actually hundreds of bundles on various stores, even not counting various short-lived Indiegala bundles. Just going to Steam it took me literally a few seconds to find something like link or link, or even something like link. What kind of justification can we use to include those MG bundles, if we are not including every other bundle on other storefronts. They are not special in any way and are just a way to buy a few games cheaper.

If too many people object, I may revisit this decision, but I view bundles as an information bloat, that adds nothing to the db. The purpose of the db is really not to track deals or to make you find a cheaper purchase alternative - there are other websites that catalogue such data. Hence I removed the bundles to pave the patch forward, as more and more VNs are released and some are bundled together, I want to prevent the cluttering of the VN entries with redundant data.

@abby: I see. Thanks, you're a fast one. I suppose the titles can stay if they are not pure MTs, as bad grammar does not justify the removal.
#2687 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 20:04
#2685 Have you even read the other thread?
This is already his third account on this website, he was refering to himself as a ''god'' while claiming to be someone else (until I pointed out all his other accounts here where he kinda gave away it being him) while also linking in his very thread to a dead german VN forum where this patch was posted in.
In the linked shoutbox, he even said that he used a Machine Translator.

This guy is definitely German.Last modified on 2019-02-17 at 01:08
#2688 by alto
2019-02-16 at 21:03
@beliar Personally, I've taken the view that if the official dev/publisher site has a news or blog post/updated the game page or a dedicated page for a release (e.g. base game and it's fandisk) or has actively promoted it, then I've added a release.

I can see MG is a bit special with the official page doubling as a store, Steam usually doesn't. You examples would not deserve a release to me as the bundle is only on Steam (and none of the games inside are Steam exclusive), does not have an official webpage I can find, doesn't seem to have been promoted and doesn't have extras. With JP releases I think it is usually easier as the dev/publisher has put some effort into the release. I don't think those bloat the database. And to clarify - I presume you'd have no objection if the bundles came with extras like an artbook or content only previously available in physical limited editions. Users saving money is just a side benefit, recording the fact a release happened is the important bit and indirectly useful, e.g. a publisher whose been dormant for a decade putting out a bundle and updating their website for it. Not sure there are other sources for some of this information either.

Ultimately, even if these releases aren't worth keeping, I just don't want it to become a trend with all digital multi game releases being removed :)

Edit: If you do still think they should go, r13911 should probably go too... though it looks like it was the first download release for those games... so maybe not?Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 21:23
#2689 by abyssaleros
2019-02-16 at 22:43
@toru-ben #2687 If he himself has claimed to have used a machine translator, why do we even talk about the patches?
Yes, the German grammar sucks, and it sucks immensely, but that alone was for me no proof that it was machine translated, especially as the incompetence to correctly use capital and small letters is more an indication for an illiterate writer and not for a machine translator.
However, if you have proof that it is indeed machine translated and this guy of many names has just made it worse by personally emending the text, then show these proofs, and the patches are gone.Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 22:50
#2690 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 22:56
#2689 I don't even need to do that, would people google things for themselves, but here you go.


He mentioned it in the Shoutbox of the site several weeks ago.

''Ich übersetze ja kein einziges Wort. Das macht alles der Maschinenübersetzer. Nachdem ich das VN dann auf ''²Deutsch²'' gelesen hab, lese ich es dann original auf englisch und so lern ich alles.''

He wasn't refering to the process of ''translating'' something, but how he thinks he will learn the english language, when being told to just learn english.
This is a recurring theme with this individual.

Hope that is proof enough.
#2691 by abyssaleros
2019-02-16 at 23:03
I believed your words, but I think our mods need proof and if you want something removed from here, it is your job to convince them with proofing your claim.
#2692 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 23:07
It's just pretty self-explanatory, if you look at all the evidence in that thread and check the database for the usernames I named there; he's having atleast three different accounts here.
Might also be worth to check for duplicate votes.

But sure.
Proof has been delivered now. All that people needed to do is check the shoutbox and compare what Pala said with what I claimed he said in this thread, so it should be proof enough (I hope).Last modified on 2019-02-17 at 01:09
#2693 by dk382
2019-02-16 at 23:08
If a translation is bad enough that you genuinely can't tell if it was machine translated or not, then we should just assume it is and delete it. It's not worth worrying about "but what if it isn't?" You can rarely actually prove it is MTL anyway. It's not as if we have proof that, say, the Flyable Hearts translation was MTL. The people who released it denied it was, even. It just seemed pretty obvious that they were lying, and so it was axed. For MTLs, it's better to err on the side of caution, imo.
#2694 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 23:14
Well in this case, the author openly admits that his work is a machine translation.
The german sentence I just posted roughly translates to:

''I'm not translating a single word. All of that is being done via machine translation. After I've read the VN in German, I am going to read it in English and learn the language this way.''

Given the context of the previous discussion in the shoutbox, it makes sense.
You can also type the quote into Google Translator yourself and see what he said, if you want to make sure yourself.
The original quote is still available in the shoutbox.

Now where you mention it, I completely forgot that VNDB doesn't allow MTL's.
Maybe, it's a good thing someone was pointing it out being MTL'd.
#2695 by dongeorge
2019-02-16 at 23:16
Grammar of my translations is good and it's not a secret that toru-ben hates german VN-Translations and also german Anime-Dubs/Subs like pest and cholera together. I think if it were possible he would erase all german releases here expect of "Bernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach" (the only german VN he likes).
#2696 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 23:20
Citation needed.
I don't hate German translations, I hate bad translations.

And UAB is literally the only good German VN.
German translations of non-german VN's are another can of worms, but most German translations aren't exactly good either.

All of that doesn't change the fact that you are using machine translations and that VNDB doesn't accept those, so I don't see your point.

I haven't made changes to German entries to the site either, so you are bringing up a moot point here.
#2697 by dk382
2019-02-16 at 23:27
Okay, I deleted the releases and the producer page.
#2698 by dongeorge
2019-02-16 at 23:29
You fucking assholes they were good translations!
What do you think how english translations from japanese VNs are made? Please activate your brain, because BY FAR not every english translator here know japanese...
#2699 by dk382
2019-02-16 at 23:34
Weird. I work on visual novel translations professionally and every single translator I know personally or have worked with knows Japanese.

If we ever see a Japanese to English translation done by someone who doesn't know Japanese, we delete it. If you know of any such releases in the database, please share them so we can delete them too. I love deleting machine translations.

edit: I need to clarify, *non-commercial translations*. We still keep commercial machine translations here due to the significance and prominence of their releases.Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 23:37
#2700 by toru-ben
2019-02-16 at 23:37
#2697 Thank you for deleting the entries.

#2698 Thank you for making me laugh more than I actually should.


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