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#2726 by 707
2019-03-10 at 14:52
^ this one too Takanashi Shiori
#2727 by chipp12
2019-03-11 at 03:46
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#2728 by trickzzter
2019-03-15 at 03:43
r62692 dupe of r50036
#2729 by thewayfarer
2019-03-18 at 07:03
u157429 made multiple clones of each Doki Doki! characters.
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#2730 by cecilyh
2019-03-19 at 10:22
link there was never even an image or description and the developer's page+twitter hasn't updated since 2016
#2731 by lunaterra
2019-03-21 at 18:05

I was just looking at Limited Run's upcoming releases list ( link ) and Fault Milestone One and World End Economica are both listed as being PS4-only. I'm assuming that the Vita versions were quietly cancelled due to the lack of progress + physical Vita game production being shut down this year.Last modified on 2019-03-21 at 18:06


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