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#2776 by wakaranai
2019-05-17 at 12:59
壮観 - 1 account (EGS)
壮親 - 4 accounts (Guilty, Shiru Bloomers Natsu, erogetrailers, getchu)
#2777 by warfoki
2019-05-21 at 16:09

t12362 - It seems that this doesn't actually exist.
#2778 by nekonekogirl
2019-05-23 at 11:16
accidentally duped r63858 with r63859, my bad
#2779 by ac728
2019-05-24 at 14:28
Please delete this: r47431Last modified on 2019-05-24 at 14:29
#2780 by lywzc
2019-05-24 at 16:22
r63871 duplicate of r63870Last modified on 2019-05-24 at 16:22
#2781 by wakaranai
2019-05-24 at 17:03
Tachibana Heizou duplicate of Tachibana Heizou
#2782 by printerdesu
2019-05-25 at 19:59
r63894 duplicate of r63893Last modified on 2019-05-25 at 19:59
#2783 by traumatizer
2019-05-26 at 21:41
Yasuda Naoko's the person behind Tsubakino Nao (though considering the latter has the eroge roles already added in, I suggest deleting the first one) (link)Last modified on 2019-05-26 at 21:41
#2784 by augustino
2019-05-26 at 21:43
r63135 duplicates r60528
#2785 by wakaranai
2019-05-28 at 04:26
Kawakami Nana duplicate of Kawakami Nana
#2786 by wakaranai
2019-05-31 at 09:00
Deliverance - no releases.
#2787 by ramaladni
2019-05-31 at 11:25
link - the steam page is dead, so I doubt this will happen. The FAKKU release includes Chinese language anyway.Last modified on 2019-05-31 at 11:25
#2788 by traumatizer
2019-05-31 at 18:21
Hayama Momo - Yamamoto Nozomi's alias (link)
#2789 by mikuxdrift
2019-06-01 at 07:32
requestiing for deletion of:
Asakura Nemu
Amakase Miharu

i have jumped the gun while creating their character entries. and didn't realize the developers had used their old art styles on the finalized game. Asakura Nemu
Amakase Miharu.

(sorry my bad....)Last modified on 2019-06-01 at 15:55
#2790 by traumatizer
2019-06-02 at 11:33
Hanasaki Kotomi - Aoki Ruriko's new one-time alias :P (link)

Ii Kinniku - Ishiya Haruki's alias (link)
#2791 by kivandopulus
2019-06-03 at 14:06
link is a renewal version of link
Same staff, same plot, same short routes. Entries must be merged unless better graphics and different company qualify for a separate page.
#2792 by shinnew
2019-06-03 at 17:51
Do you have a source to back up that claim?

None of the characters on Vision's official website link are on the Getchu page of Ambience link. The summaries also don't seem like they are the same story at all.
#2793 by kivandopulus
2019-06-04 at 04:21
Oh, did not notice characters renamed, then merge is impossible, no point trying to prove anything.
#2794 by shinnew
2019-06-04 at 07:59
Please answer my question about your source for these two games having the "same plot" and having the same characters just "renamed" (Something I really doubt since the descriptions are entirely different)

If it's really the case then an "Alternative version" relation would need to be added.
#2795 by 707
2019-06-04 at 11:42
r64123 accidental duplicate
#2796 by donkeyskin
2019-06-04 at 13:37
Hi, I think that maybe you may want to delete r33341.

The (full) French translation for Fata Morgana has been released today on Steam and it's done by a different person. That demo project seems to be abandoned (last post on their blog is from 2014) and I've tried to leave a couple of comments on their blog in the last months, but they haven't even been approved or read.
#2797 by kivandopulus
2019-06-05 at 05:32
I only played Ambience so far and plot retold in link link looks exactly the same. If I ever play Vision and find decisive proof of this theory, I'll add Alternative version myself with the proof. It's irrelevant at the moment, sorry.
#2798 by wyq928576
2019-06-07 at 08:45
Li Xiang Nai Qishituan Hanhuaxiaozu dupe of Resona Qishi Tuan
#2799 by lunaterra
2019-06-07 at 21:29
Starkeeper: The Waters Above cancelled link
#2800 by presi5
2019-06-08 at 23:42
I request deletion for r58983.
Reason: translation cancelled



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