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#2901 by shining17
2019-09-07 at 06:00
^ Proud of what? Butchering a good game with your engrish? Lmao
#2902 by shining17
2019-09-07 at 13:57

I think this one is dead.


the OP's last post on Fuwa is in December 2016, after that radio silence....
#2903 by harleyquin
2019-09-08 at 12:24
Isekai ni Tobidashite, Zero Kara Seikatsu wo Hajimeru

No official website, no developer information, no publisher information. Nothing to indicate this isn't someone's troll entry.
#2904 by traumatizer
2019-09-09 at 19:08
Misumi Hotaru is Gibu Yuuko's alias
#2905 by curious
2019-09-10 at 04:54
r58748 is begging for deletion.
#2906 by printerdesu
2019-09-11 at 14:15
p9485 dupe of p5024
#2907 by lunaterra
2019-09-12 at 16:32
r51124 not being released, the version on Steam is 18+ only link
#2908 by eacil
2019-09-12 at 20:26
YE... two months too late. Damn payment processor. :(
#2909 by minatahatsune
2019-09-14 at 12:32

anyone can help us to delete this release? We made it wrong and hoping remove it. Thank you!Last modified on 2019-09-14 at 12:33
#2910 by curious
2019-09-14 at 21:09
r61572 is machine translated and also has a lot of typos. Should be here? link link link
#2911 by beliar
2019-09-14 at 21:16
Really? You sure it's an MT? Does that mean that all the other VNs by the same group are also horribly translated? That would be interesting, as they have a lot of entries in the DB.
#2912 by curious
2019-09-14 at 21:18
Yes, is machine translated. I don't know about their other releases though. N word (translated as "N palabra" should be "palabra con N").


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