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#2926 by usagi
2019-09-29 at 01:58
I think you should delete all releases of Mirt. Skazki holodnogo kraja except last one. Or at least r50545 since it was only demo.
#2927 by delusionparadox
2019-10-02 at 13:44
The Spanish translation of Digital has long been taken down by the creator. link
#2928 by warfoki
2019-10-02 at 13:49
That doesn't matter. If it existed for real at some point, the release should stay. Maybe a note on the release page about the translation not being available anymore would be nice.
#2929 by donkeyskin
2019-10-04 at 20:48
Lethe is a duplicate of Lethe
#2930 by shining17
2019-10-09 at 06:07

Their crowdfunding campaign was a success. But after reading the dev's last post on the "update" tab, I don't think this one will ever see the light.
#2931 by hoss
2019-10-12 at 16:39

Suspicious duplicate account created only to downvote Ciconia
#2932 by savagetiger
2019-10-12 at 21:10
^This thread is for deleting database entries.
If you have suspicions about users or their votes post in t10302.Last modified on 2019-10-12 at 21:10
#2933 by jessrabbit
2019-10-15 at 19:45
r44955 delete please. abandoned projectLast modified on 2019-10-15 at 19:46
#2934 by eacil
2019-10-15 at 22:00
Next time, please give a source and or an explanation, even more when it's not in English.
I will also delete r36938, r37117, r44708 and r58119 as they are not listed on their ten kilometers project page.
#2935 by chipp12
2019-10-17 at 06:55
Not sure where's the source of this coming out or even existing in some plans, tried checking around and didn't find any information about the Japanese release.
#2936 by hoshii-san
2019-10-17 at 12:52
r30911 The link to the page has been down for a long time and the existence of the patch cannot be verified.
#2937 by beliar
2019-10-17 at 14:56
^It can.


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