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#3076 by ginseigou
2020-03-02 at 05:07
There should be the rule for not undeleting entries of the dubious translators until the release comes out t2108.3055. It's like giving false hopes.Last modified on 2020-03-02 at 05:07
#3077 by traumatizer
2020-03-04 at 20:16
Hanayome Futari wa Inma to Tenshi. -> Official page (link) says trial version and more info should've been released in 2017, but nothing in sight, their twitter (link) and the other site linked to it had their last updates 4 years ago
#3078 by harleyquin
2020-03-05 at 14:21
Eiken for PC ~Mekurumeku Densanshitsu Eikenshitate

Nothing but a placeholder.
#3079 by beliar
2020-03-05 at 17:38
You know, Traumatizer, you can delete Vns yourself if you find compelling evidence they are dead projects or shouldn't be here in the first place. :-)

Eiken for PC ~Mekurumeku Densanshitsu Eikenshitate
Nothing but a placeholder.
Indeed, however the game does exist. An investigation if it's even a VN should be conducted. This video link makes it look like a collection of minigames with some Vn segments. It's only unclear how extensive those segments are.
#3080 by shining17
2020-03-05 at 21:17
r46541 and r46976

Is this still going on or...
#3081 by eacil
2020-03-05 at 22:35
About Eiken, the video was made by someone who can't read Japanese. He focused on the mini-games and cut the vn parts. You can't tell from this one how extensive the vn segments are.
The official website says it's an adventure game composed of nine stories and six mini-games.
#3082 by paladin-pure
2020-03-06 at 02:00
Does this mean it's like Evenicle, in a sense?
#3083 by lotuscale
2020-03-06 at 02:50
I think link is a duplicate of link, since the former, which was released only a several days after the latter, is actually just a little update of the latter, it . And it's also included in the description of the latter.Last modified on 2020-03-06 at 03:14
#3084 by nekonekogirl
2020-03-06 at 08:41
Yoshimura Cartman is the r18 alias of Murase Ayumu, according to this R18 alias masterpost link
#3085 by riberasensei
2020-03-06 at 22:04
EDIT: Ignore this. My mistake.Last modified on 2020-03-06 at 22:08
#3086 by kivandopulus
2020-03-12 at 05:32
I request deletion of r42346 . Editor could not find JAN because it does not exist (r42346.1), there is no trace of this release neither on Surugaya, nor anywhere else. It actually turned out to be another release r66224 of the same company with almost the same name that has proper JAN and a lot of traces.Last modified on 2020-03-12 at 05:33
#3087 by fuukanou
2020-03-13 at 18:39
DMM only bundle, no corresponding physical release
#3088 by shining17
2020-03-16 at 21:35

The dev decided to release a multi-language version.
#3089 by eacil
2020-03-16 at 22:27
You need two releases: the Chinese original one and the Chinese + English new release which is superseding the original.
You should revert until link and turn r67494 into the multilingual.
#3090 by tinysurvivalist
2020-03-17 at 00:25
I’m honestly not sure how this particular voice actress would feel about this being pointed out, but I feel a serious need to point it out; thus, if it’s okay, I will mark it as a spoiler.

Diana Lockhart is the R18 alias of Michaela Laws.Last modified on 2020-03-17 at 00:25
#3091 by shining17
2020-03-17 at 05:40
Done. Thanks for the direction :)
#3092 by shining17
2020-03-20 at 13:50
Mars People Games

Request undeletion now that the game's first episode has been released on Steam.
#3093 by elcano
2020-03-20 at 17:14

Deletion Request.
No demo (if there ever was one, it's no longer available). Also, no updates, or new information.
#3094 by beliar
2020-03-20 at 17:25
The partial got finished and released. The fact it might not be available anymore bears no consequences on its inclusion in the database.
#3095 by elcano
2020-03-20 at 17:35
Even though something like link got deleted from the database? Does that still not apply to this particular case?

It's similar to what I linked, where it had a partial but it didn't exist on the web anymore.
#3096 by beliar
2020-03-20 at 17:39
If it had a partial at one point, it shouldn't have been pulled. I'll check it.

I’m honestly not sure how this particular voice actress would feel about this being pointed out
She's very open about being the same person both on Twitter and on her former Tumblr. So, I'm sure she won't mind.Last modified on 2020-03-20 at 17:41
#3097 by curious
2020-03-20 at 19:19
r53915.5 was deleted, but the project is still very alive in their Trello page (70 %). Same with r53914.6, apparently, they are working on it but slowly according to description. Source: link

Edit: Rewrite is indeed listed in their website. linkLast modified on 2020-03-20 at 19:22
#3098 by beliar
2020-03-20 at 19:24
Ok, I can see that the Rewrite does seem to be active, however r53914.6 is at 0% translation and has been so for a long time.
#3099 by curious
2020-03-20 at 19:27
Yep, seems so. It would be better to wait for the full patch.
#3100 by qpo
2020-03-21 at 02:59
Tanshuai de Xiaohongmao He Ai Shuohuang de Lang dupe of Sunao na Akazukin to Usotsuki na Ookami