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#3101 by donkeyskin
2020-03-21 at 20:00
Live with Jill Count is a duplicate of Perceptions of the Dead
"Live with Jill Count" is the third chapter/story included in r56440 and was never released as a standalone story
#3102 by eacil
2020-03-21 at 20:24
If Perceptions of the Dead is an omnibus, The Phantom Icecream Truck should be merged with it as well as it is the first short story. However, it has 24 votes. ~7 are new but the rest might have balanced their votes based on the split.
#3103 by beliar
2020-03-21 at 20:32
Erm, no, Eacil. " The Phantom Icecream Truck " was previously released as a standalone story and later incorporated in "Perceptions of the Dead", while "Live with Jill Count" seems to have never been released separately.
#3104 by savagetiger
2020-03-21 at 23:28
The entry should stay because it is about that specific vn and it keeps the tags and screenshots seperate.
#3105 by beliar
2020-03-22 at 00:00
Other anthology releases (Anthology) aren't kept separate. That's why we have that tag in the first place. Really not seeing why Live with Jill Count should be if it's just a part of a release and is launched from the same executable.
#3106 by eacil
2020-03-22 at 00:01
#3103: I know that. It doesn't matter if Live with Jill Count was not released separately. What matters if we consider the three chapters as three separate VN or one omnibus that was periodically updated. Having one stand alone story and two grouped together is inconsistent.

Arguments for a split:
-they were made in 2014-04, 2015-03 and 2017-10, almost a year or more separates each part. Enough time has passed for someone to have naturally not pursued the reading, and not want to flag the VN as dropped because some stuff was added afterward.
-they were not envisioned as one thing before they were grouped together, even the omnibus takes its title from the second story. Live with Jill Count was not released separately, but it doesn't seem to have been planned ahead either (not that it really matters).
Arguments for a merging:
-they are now grouped together and envisioned as one thing; maybe someone who played them can testify that they share characters or something?
-they are really short. The first one has 3943 words, which is 22 minutes for 180wpm. It's really not worth the effort to keep them separated. Even if one year passed between the episodes, you just need one-two hours to fix that, which is nothing for a VN.
-Perceptions of the Dead 2 is a thing, it is also made of short stories.Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 00:05
#3107 by beliar
2020-03-22 at 00:09
Maybe tomorrow I'll give this thing a spin and will see if the stories are somehow related or not.
#3108 by lotuscale
2020-03-22 at 08:49
I think r67336 is a duplication of r67580. Because the former is a partial release while the latter is a complete release. Apart from this, there are no difference between the two release and the relaese date is close. Is that tenable?Last modified on 2020-03-26 at 00:09
#3109 by nekonekogirl
2020-03-23 at 08:36
Do you guys believe Kirara Fantasia is a visual novel? It's mostly a RPG with VN segments like Fate/Grand Order, which got deleted.
#3110 by cafeconyomi
2020-03-25 at 05:14
link isn't necessary anymore, I'm aiming to release the full patch soon in link
#3111 by narcosis
2020-03-25 at 14:12
With all due respect, what are the reasons for deleting these entries? It's only a bunch, with some of the games being quite notable regardless of their current state; often times, VNDB is the only reliable place which provides links to resources or info on these mostly stalled projects in one place. This goes against the website's main reason of existence - to catalogue vns and provide a hub for information.

In all honesty, it would be more appropriate to simply flag such projects as "abandoned" or "indefinitely suspended" and perhaps remove them from certain search lists, but still make them appear when someone is looking precisely for these titles.
#3112 by eacil
2020-03-25 at 20:25
You are not very clear about what you are talking about. I assume you are talking about cancelled VN, right? Not cancelled releases (as it makes not much sense)? If I am right, it was already discussed: t2108.3026.
#3113 by ginseigou
2020-03-26 at 06:30
Ded r38340 r37866 r45839 r53169 r44215 r36188 r35154 r33332 r33106 r30130 r54055
#3114 by proton
2020-03-26 at 13:41


These two accounts have very similar pattern of voteLast modified on 2020-03-27 at 03:42
#3115 by shining17
2020-03-26 at 13:50
Post suspicious voting behavior in this thread next time.
#3116 by sakuhanachan
2020-03-27 at 09:03
r70405 duplicate of r67536 by accident.Last modified on 2020-03-27 at 11:05
#3117 by nekonekogirl
2020-04-01 at 14:10
Dateless Love same as Tsuyaga~ru
#3118 by beliar
2020-04-01 at 15:43
r38340 and r37866 seem to be still worked on. r38340 is translated and in edition, while r37866 is 36% translated.
#3119 by ginseigou
2020-04-02 at 00:45
r38340 is translated and in edition, while r37866 is 36% translated.
See you in the next two years, when these will still not be released. Have you seen how many projects Kae Pro has taken before my suggestion to delete most of them t2108.3055 and how many were finished over the past 5 years?Last modified on 2020-04-02 at 01:04


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