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#3176 by beliar
2020-05-14 at 21:18
@ecchi: As Eacil said while reverting your edits, an addition of new language currently triggers a new release entry.
#3177 by trickzzter
2020-05-15 at 07:18
r71801 is a duplicate of r71237
#3178 by usagi
2020-05-15 at 16:23
r52823 is abandoned. Src: link
#3179 by gvbn
2020-05-19 at 16:40
Delete r71900, I made a DL edition entry but turns out whoever did the "DVD" edition is completely clueless since there is no such thing to begin with

link Vol.0単体での発売はダウンロードのみとなります。Last modified on 2020-05-19 at 16:47
#3180 by 707
2020-05-20 at 13:33
is r67119 redundant release?
the Chinese trial is included in the Japanese version and the release itself is titled under Japanese so we can just add Chinese to r67095
#3181 by beliar
2020-05-20 at 15:55
You are right. All versions of the trial are identical, both on Steam and on the website. However, I rather removed r67095, instead of r67119. The latter I adjusted with some improvements.
#3182 by 707
2020-05-20 at 16:03
while we're on it, is it the same for r61452 and r65041?
#3183 by beliar
2020-05-20 at 16:04
From what I gathered: Yes.
#3184 by shining17
2020-05-21 at 16:49

Pretty sure this was a mistake.
#3185 by starace
2020-05-25 at 02:27
Should leave the instance of the character as is, or delete Anjou Naruko and consolidate info with Anjou Naruko ?
#3186 by eacil
2020-05-25 at 03:39
Let it be. That's what instances are here for.
If you merge them, you will end up with original all-age Anal-chan having tons of hardcore traits and the entry will be impracticable to anyone who want info on the non-parody one.
I changed the picture and added some traits for you to see.
#3187 by andredron
2020-05-25 at 18:57
link - translat dead
#3188 by seamaid
2020-05-27 at 19:06
Releases r46639 and r48063 are redundant; they're released on the same date with identical content, just that one is playable in the browser and the other a download. I added the web version to the latter, so I assume just deleting r46639 is okay.

However, I'm not sure if r49563 should be merged as well? Same VN, same date, but I'd assume there are some mechanical differences since it's on Android?Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 08:07
#3189 by trickzzter
2020-05-28 at 06:46
^ Different platform means different resolution. Mobile version should not be merged with PC version.
#3190 by trickzzter
2020-05-28 at 06:49
r71218 is a dupe of r70124
The only difference is a publisher.
#3191 by drjones
2020-05-28 at 09:24
Their Beautiful World is a cancelled project, a.k.a. the VN equivalent to a Lycos website.
#3192 by warfoki
2020-05-28 at 10:01
A partial release was actually released though, so it stays. A complete release is not necessary for a VN to be featured, ANY release, even a pre-beta trial version, is enough.
#3193 by eacil
2020-05-28 at 19:25
I don't know what to do with #3190. A new publisher should be enough to warrant a new release, and Ares Co., Ltd. is not another way to say Light as I don't see how they are related. However, it's steank and I have this feeling that developers can put pretty much anything in the publisher field, like whoever can help them skipping the managing of a steank page.
#3194 by curious
2020-05-28 at 19:29
r71727 dupe of r68822
r65785 requested deletion.Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 19:31
#3195 by beliar
2020-05-28 at 19:49
@Eacil: It's not the first time that a Steam release has a different publisher than releases on Dev's site and other stores. In all such cases I only kept a single release, simply attaching all the publishers to it.
In other words, if everything else about the release is identical, I don't consider different publisher in need of a new release.
Some examples: r51272, r26073.
#3196 by eacil
2020-05-28 at 20:12
Seems perfectly reasonable. I will do that.
#3197 by desann
2020-05-28 at 20:19
r71218 is a dupe of r70124
The only difference is a publisher.
Steam page says that
CAUTION:This Game is 『Silverio Ragnarok E-15』ver. This game does not include additional elements.
so it's dupe of r70125?
Actually I'm not sure which rating should be for steam version, since in Steam it's treated as Adult as far as I can see but it's actually all age version.Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 20:21
#3198 by butterflygrrl
2020-05-28 at 20:23
(usual rant about the need to revamp the rating system because it's all hopelessly misleading)
#3199 by eacil
2020-05-28 at 21:00
Didn't see the warning. Hmmm... What is the purpose of hiding a 15+ release behind the 18+ filter while warning you that it contains "Adult Only Sexual Content" when it doesn't?

What does E stand for? ESRB doesn't have a E15 category (they have T for 13+ and M for 17+). I guess it's CERO.

Like it's the 15+ release, it's shouldn't be marked as all-age even if the title says so, or 18+ if steank says so. In fact, the Products Information of the official website talks about シルヴァリオ ラグナロク 通常版(E15) for r67031.7, not 全年齢版, though we all know that if some store happened to use it when talking about an eroge, it means not-18+ more than true all-age.

Yeah, looks like a dupe of r70125.

Edit: guess what, r67031 appears to be a dupe of r67030 because there is no 18+ regular edition!
Edit2: ok, I tidied the entry up. Should be better now.Last modified on 2020-05-29 at 19:21
#3200 by chipp12
2020-05-30 at 09:26
Wakaba Wakaba Shoukei
Same company
link (会社員として、独立後はフリーのシナリオライター「若葉」として活動。)