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#3201 by diesiure
2020-05-31 at 09:50
< report >I'd like to ask if non-official but non-free translations fall into the category of piracy? If so, should they be deleted?Last modified on 2020-05-31 at 09:51
#3202 by yorhel
2020-05-31 at 10:05
< report >It's piracy regardless of whether money is involved. But we allow them in the DB anyway because translations do provide value.
#3203 by diesiure
2020-05-31 at 10:05
< report >@3202 Thanks, got it!
#3204 by warfoki
2020-05-31 at 10:10
< report >To be precise: we do not care about the legality of releases. As long as it is a VN release of ANY kind, it's listed. This means that we list translations that got removed from their original site because C&D and VNs put together from stolen assets.

What we do NOT do is linking full pirate releases.
#3205 by petermckey
2020-06-01 at 00:18
< report >r72196 is the same translation that r71332 reported as MTL, they don't fix it. r72197 is MTL too. Lately the group is using MTL translations. Overly poor translations.Last modified on 2020-06-01 at 00:25
#3206 by butterflygrrl
2020-06-02 at 14:09
< report >i screwed up, T.F.Wright is a dupe of T.F. Wright, please remove
#3207 by foiegras
2020-06-03 at 07:41
< report >I added Sanjou Shino but she is a duplicate of Sanjou Shino. She can be removed.
#3208 by drjones
2020-06-04 at 11:18
< report >80 Days doesn't feel like a VN.
#3209 by beliar
2020-06-04 at 15:49
< report >Decay previously postulated that the title can be considered a Vn. I haven't tried it, but maybe I should, as it has been brought up a few times already.
#3210 by npzmzfg
2020-06-05 at 06:45
< report >Sol Press has parted ways with Laplacian (blog), meaning that r64814 is not happening. Mirai Radio (r60367) has already been deleted. In addition, the stretch goals for the Irotoridori kickstarter were not met (link), meaning that r60690 and r60689 should probably not be considered officially announced at this point.
#3211 by aexis
2020-06-05 at 22:06
< report >There's no need to keep duplicates of characters for Yotsunoha, they are the same characters the only difference is a 3 year time skip but they still act almost the same, and that isn't enough for a separate character page.

I suggest keeping these pages c56624, c19166 and c56623 of the characters.
#3212 by hko2006
2020-06-06 at 07:27
< report >Nai’s Training Diary a duplicate of Nai's Training Diary
#3213 by riki3562
2020-06-06 at 21:07
< report >I retract my previous statement.Last modified on 2020-06-12 at 10:04
#3214 by beliar
2020-06-06 at 21:17
< report >You are not the first to bring these games up. These are pretty popular games, but you might be right that they do not belong here. I will have to check them out and see for myself.
#3215 by fuck
2020-06-08 at 01:09
< report >the translator asked to delete this link You can see it here:
#3216 by eacil
2020-06-08 at 04:46
< report >What the translator wants is irrelevant as to what should or should not be on vndb.
From what I can decipher from this message is that the download link was removed because it was a poor translation used as a proof of concept for tl insertion?
#3217 by nekonekogirl
2020-06-08 at 14:26
< report >Erogamescape considers Asakura Tomoyo and Yuizaki Yuuri to be the same person link
#3218 by andywill
2020-06-08 at 16:13
< report >link

I posted that and I'd like to delete it now, but I couldn't find how
#3219 by beliar
2020-06-08 at 16:46
< report >So why did you add it in the first place?
#3220 by diesiure
2020-06-09 at 23:41
< report >Umm...I don't know if it's correct to post in this is this thread.

How to remove an alias that is noted as "referenced"? Even reverting to previous revison got "still referenced". Is there any difference between aliases that can't be removed with those can be removed?
For example, I saw Traumatizer added an alias to Aoki Ruriko: s11831.5, referring link, but now I visited that site, finding "Hanasaki Kokomi" isn't under Aoki Ruiko's alias any longer, but under another voice actress Ono Saki. So I want to remove that alias but can't find any approch to.

(Sorry if that was asked, searching with key word that separated by a white space gives so many result that I couldn't judge whether it has been asked)Last modified on 2020-06-09 at 23:42
#3221 by eacil
2020-06-10 at 00:32
< report >I am no expert but "reference" should refer to the fact that the alias is linked to a role. Meaning you must unlink the alias from any role before being able to remove it. Think of "reference" as "locked". When you want to revert, it says "still referenced" to prevent you from breaking those links. It's a safety.

How I would do it: I would start by adding a new alias to the other seiyuu. If it doesn't work because the alias already exists (very probable), I would try to rename the old alias. If it doesn't work (I said I am no expert but I don't see why an alias couldn't be renamed), you are stuck with removing all the roles from the alias before adding the new alias.
By not removing the roles first, it would allow you to not have to make two edits instead of one (by switching aliases), and it would also prevent you from forgetting to re-link some alias.

Use t8242 next time you have a question about how to edit something.
#3222 by diesiure
2020-06-10 at 00:42
< report >Oh, Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.
#3223 by gvbn
2020-06-12 at 22:12
< report >Inoue Karin is duplicate of Inoue Karin
#3224 by lotuscale
2020-06-19 at 13:11
< report >Suzumori Satsuki is a duplicate of Suzumori Satsuki.
I should have noticed that they are the same...Terribly sorry.Last modified on 2020-06-19 at 13:50
#3225 by chipp12
2020-06-19 at 15:58
< report >#3200 Anyone?