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#4651 by totallynotgar
2022-03-29 at 15:45
< report >The only good thing I seen on VNDB is not having FGO on here and Muv luv number juan.
#4652 by zaneblade619
2022-03-30 at 15:03
< report >link it's rpg
#4653 by beliar
2022-03-30 at 16:02
< report >^According to what I was told, it's not: t12766.1. Are you saying it's not the truth, or did the second game change the gameplay from pure Vn to rpg?Last modified on 2022-03-30 at 16:03
#4654 by bassttark
2022-03-30 at 17:38
< report >We have created c106073 and c106074 for the same character at the same time. Please, delete the first one.Last modified on 2022-03-30 at 17:41
#4655 by butterflygrrl
2022-03-31 at 03:22
< report >r48276 Doesn't seem to have had any information since 2016, not even a name was ever proposed.

r57948 Was supposed to come out in 2019, post at the beginning of 2020 said this project was officially on hold, no sign of development since link Might be too early to kill it now, just mentioning it while I'm on that VN.
#4656 by trickzzter
2022-03-31 at 03:24
< report >#4655 Done.
#4657 by 4digitmen
2022-04-01 at 13:19
< report >r88875

Fake, leads to a game piracy website.
#4658 by soddery
2022-04-01 at 15:06
< report >r88845 the website has been reverted back to how it was teasing a ONE remake instead of MOON. Seems like it was likely an April Fools joke.
#4659 by Ezezin
2022-04-02 at 18:59
< report >r76484 is a dupe of r76483.
#4660 by Ezezin
2022-04-03 at 04:27
< report >r88968 is probably a dupe of r55150.
#4661 by Ezezin
2022-04-03 at 07:21
< report >r88969 is the updated release of r66130
Edit 2:The same with r88971 and r88970

Edit 1: Should I update my initial post instead of making new ones? This is the third post in a row now.Last modified on 2022-04-03 at 08:24
#4662 by NaioHoras
2022-04-03 at 08:34
< report >one is a paid patreon exclusive while the other one is a free public release. both can stay.

Should I update my initial post instead of making new ones? This is the third post in a row now
no problem in posting a new one as it notices you by updating the forum position to the topmost; you can also use the report button like always if you don't like mess; or maybe creating a note then post it at the end of day. whatever you see fit.
#4663 by Ezezin
2022-04-03 at 08:47
< report >But I thought that public releases with versions behind Patreon ones should be merged or deleted (t17161?). Although is not the first time I'm confused by Patreon stuff so I could be wrong... again.Last modified on 2022-04-08 at 04:17
#4664 by Ileca
2022-04-03 at 09:13
< report >Usually, we don't make two releases for patreon early access + public release because it's the same release whose availability is a little delayed. Those releases are in a constant updated state so unless you update them all the time, the early access release is quickly out of date. The commercial release is unmaintainable without access to patreon anyway.
In the end, you tend to have one free complete release based on the patreon release date. However, it makes sense (while not really useful at all) to have two releases when the VN is completed or cancelled. We have such releases, but it's for VN which are released for free much later.
Beliar is the patreon expert so he will confirm or not.

Edit: in resume, NaioHoras is right (you create releases every time a property is changed, here, the Publication property), but in practice, this is not how it is done at all.Last modified on 2022-04-03 at 09:20
#4665 by NaioHoras
2022-04-03 at 09:28
< report >I suppose can see the logic in t17161. Patreon games that have concurrent "public" and "patreon exclusive" release often become free when they are completed, so we end up with a redundant entry which need to deleted. if we do that everytime, a lot of deleted entries would be made.

although I dislike the idea that we can't show both version (beside writing it as a release note). it show users the wrong idea, like if we only show the paid version, then they might think they always need to pay for the product. and if we only show the free ver, then we show user the version with incomplete content.

but yeah, what we need is a new data model for cumulative releases as there's no perfect way to handle this matter currently. I'm fine with deleting them for now.Last modified on 2022-04-03 at 09:56
#4666 by beliar
2022-04-03 at 09:59
< report >Majority of the Patreon developers employ what I call a "retroactively freeware" model. Let's say they release a build 0.5 for Patreons and 0.4 for the public, however on the next month the build 0.6 is released to the Patreons, and the previous Patreon-only build 0.5 becomes freeware. That's why it makes no sense to create multiple releases, as the game is intended to eventually be released as freeware when it's completed. It's just that the Patreon supporters can try the latest build early while it's in development. I mark games like that as freeware and don't bother thinking too hard.
#4667 by 707
2022-04-04 at 03:26
< report >r89009 its a video gameplay but with translationLast modified on 2022-04-04 at 03:26
#4668 by trickzzter
2022-04-04 at 03:43
< report >^ Deleted.
#4669 by hoshii-san
2022-04-07 at 17:01
< report >r82469 is probably a dupe of r66438
r65619 No info available
r56112 No info available
#4670 by 707
2022-04-08 at 16:24
< report >Mayuri dupe

shouldve toggled spoiler on first
#4671 by iitora
2022-04-08 at 20:19
< report >Redman/Stay Night doesn't seem to exist.
#4672 by Ezezin
2022-04-10 at 11:33
< report >Escalation Extension: By description alone and judging those screenshots, doesn't look as a VN.
#4673 by beliar
2022-04-10 at 12:12
< report >Seems there quite a few entries he has added that do not belong here: t18160. If you have time, Ezezin, you could take a look at his new additions link and see what should be purged.
#4674 by butterflygrrl
2022-04-10 at 20:53
< report >r53580

Can't find any update or comment on development since 2019. Game page has been removed from itch and at least some tumblr posts have been deleted as well.
#4675 by Ileca
2022-04-10 at 21:00
< report >I can find comments about this game on twiter made in 2021: link link link
But, yeah, the itchio page removed is not a good sign.