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#26 by serialies
2011-11-25 at 14:00
r5022 should stay i think, the author posted a general update only a few months ago stating why things were at a halt.
#27 by arkady18
2011-12-02 at 18:52
This release should be deleted.

Edit: r7722.1 should be removed, as the same user added two Chinese releases for the same game, but then used only the second to update the info: r7723.1 was the original edit (with the same link of the other release), and in r7723.2 he added the same publisher of the first Chinese release.Last modified on 2011-12-03 at 01:09
#28 by warfoki
2011-12-07 at 00:44
This TL project is pretty much dead: r655

Quote from the forum:
Safe to say, this project is about as dead as it gets. I haven't done any editing since March of last year, and the work I did was pretty terrible. Anyway, the game is translated all the way up to Haruka's accident, before the time skip. If I ever got myself in gear, I might be able to actually fix the editing and do something about it. Until then, consider it on permanent hold.
#29 by stomp
2012-02-03 at 11:13
v2386 should be removed. I've played the demo a bit and it's a pure action RPG with dialogs. There was no narration.
#30 by echomateria
2012-02-03 at 14:42
Thanks for the input. r10063, r5171.2, r7722.1 and v2386 are removed.
#31 by arkady18
2012-03-22 at 19:07
#32 by turbomugen
2012-03-22 at 20:15
r15576 I made 2 releases of the same thing by mistake...

r1466 no updates since 2009

r2254 website is dead and looks that the project was given up, plus no updates since 2009

r12661 the translation project was dropped due to work and illness

r10918 no updates since 2010Last modified on 2012-03-22 at 20:25
#33 by yorhel
2012-03-23 at 07:06
All deleted.
#34 by stomp
2012-03-25 at 17:55
v6632 v5860 v5861 v1997
I have played v6632 for a short while and it's 3D story without text. There's only background narration and dialogs. It was more a 3D movie instead of a VN.
#35 by arkady18
2012-03-25 at 20:58
This page was last modified on 3 August 2010, at 16:31.
from official page

EDIT: also, checking TLwiki's projects it seems there are a few dead projects. r3333, r6628, r2730 and r5968 are the ones I'm most sure of, but there are others that seem dead

EDIT2: r5223Last modified on 2012-03-26 at 11:07
#36 by turbomugen
2012-03-26 at 12:20
r5210 The description says the project it's stalled, but the web page doesn't have relevant info about the translation info since 2009-2010

And I'd like opinions about these ones:
v10049 It has dating sim elements and its interface (this last only for the PSP version), but it isn't definitely a visual novel :/

v10048 Haven't played this one, but for the description it seems the same thing as the one above :/Last modified on 2012-03-26 at 12:57
#37 by beliar
2012-03-26 at 13:08
Hmm, who added Persona again? I thought we decided that it's not a visual novel...Last modified on 2012-03-26 at 13:09
#38 by gabezhul
2012-03-26 at 13:15
For god's sake! Why. Do. People. Keep. Doing. This!? *starts hitting wall in frustration upon how stupid people are*

<Edit>: Thanks, now I feel a little less adamant about destroying humanity. :P
#39 by warfoki
2012-03-31 at 10:36

The full patch is out now but Bahoaday added it as a new release (r20310), so this entry has become obsolete.
#40 by stomp
2012-04-01 at 09:51
All of the games by Cing p346 are probably traditional adventures. I only played "Hotel Dusk" v697 for a bit. It's an adventure with traditional adventure gameplay. You have an inventory, you walk around talk to people and manipulate things. You can get stuck.

r18439 This release seems to be illegal and doesn't even have story mode.Last modified on 2012-04-03 at 17:45
#41 by arkady18
2012-04-03 at 22:24
#42 by yorhel
2012-04-04 at 06:17
Hmm, I'm sure I've seen Hotel Dusk turn up in deletion discussions before, I'll have to look into that a bit. More feedback (if there are others who share the same sentiment) on this topic is much appreciated.

r18439 This release seems to be illegal and doesn't even have story mode.
Don't see anything wrong with having illegal releases, as long as they're marked as such (in the description or otherwise). As for lacking a story mode: that's acceptable as long as it's linked to an existing VN. This situation is similar to Melty Blood.

@arkady18: Done.
#43 by stomp
2012-04-04 at 08:16
What about my post #34?
#44 by arkady18
2012-04-04 at 10:28
@Yorhel: you should delete all the "candidates" from the post #34 on
#45 by yimw
2012-04-04 at 11:00
Been awhile since I played Hotel Dusk or its sequel but I think they have narration, which I believe is what they've been using to determine if something's a VN.
#46 by gabezhul
2012-04-04 at 11:46
*sigh* Once again, misunderstanding: Narration is only the first line of defense and the easiest to point out. There are many other parameters to take into account, and there is the difference between narration and system-messages as well, so it's not nearly as black and white...

But again, there is one last issue here: if the Hotel Dusk games are "games", aka they are more about the gameplay than the story, and only have superficial VN elements, then it's a more important factor in deciding whether it stays or goes than just the presence of narration...
#47 by yimw
2012-04-04 at 12:16
I'd say Hotel Dusk is more about the story since the gameplay is just walking around trying to figure out who to talk to/what to do to advance the story. There are also a few puzzles.
#48 by abyssaleros
2012-04-05 at 17:48
Could some admin delete one of the Thief and Sword: Another Stories: Act 7 releases - r19324 or r19323?
#49 by banedoyle
2012-04-05 at 19:52
Hotel Dusk does have narration, and constant at that, so I believe it works It has also been called a VN by the media but... eh, the media tags should be taken with a grain of salt.

The game is far more story and plot than gameplay, which is mostly puzzles and searching anyway.
#50 by stomp
2012-04-05 at 22:33
Where is narration in Hotel Dusk? Please show me. Also please explain how it is different from a traditional adventure game. I have already explained how it's just an adventure game.

In a novel you read text consisting of narration, dialogs and monologues, occasionally it is interrupted by relatively short RPG or SLG or action gameplay. In an adventure game like "Hotel Dusk" gameplay is occasionally interrupted by short dialogs and monologues. I didn't notice any narration, but even if there's a little narration it doesn't matter. As gabezhul said narration alone doesn't make a VN.


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