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#51 by warfoki
2012-04-11 at 01:22

The full patches from this gruop should be deleted at this point. Their existence and the quality of their translations were kinda shady even back in 2009. (link)

Now their site is dead and after a short search I couldn't find anything about them from the last two years. I highly doubt that these patches will be completed and released.Last modified on 2012-04-20 at 11:09
#52 by turbomugen
2012-04-20 at 18:37

I've seen around that this was patch was already planned in 2009. Still no news and at least I can't enter in the link (and I'm registered in my-neoromance) :/
#53 by litewolf
2012-04-24 at 10:30
After the intial PC announcement, the game was instead released for PSP (see r15894).
#54 by surferdude
2012-04-24 at 12:07
It seems like the site that hosted the discussion thread regarding this translation is afraid of "legal action" from companies. Last post is dated January 10th 2011. Seems pretty dead to me.Last modified on 2012-04-24 at 12:33
#55 by assassinator
2012-04-24 at 12:29
duplicate entry of r20156Last modified on 2012-04-24 at 12:30
#56 by eyeless
2012-04-24 at 13:29
@53, @54, @55
All done.
#57 by enigma
2012-05-09 at 05:18
The group claiming to be translating this is none other than project dawn under a new name link given that project dawn likes to announce games that they have no intention of translating and are only doing it for the attention, its safe to say this one is also a troll.Last modified on 2012-05-09 at 05:18
#58 by surferdude
2012-05-09 at 12:22
It's been reported before a couple of times, but it still hasn't been deleted yet.
#59 by yorhel
2012-05-09 at 12:55
@enigma: I'm not ignoring you. :-) Just haven't decided yet what to do with this. I can take it as an attempt to start again with a clean state or another attempt at getting attention. If it's the latter then they seem to be failing, there's hardly any drama at the moment. :P

@surferdude: Oh, right, done.Last modified on 2012-05-09 at 12:56
#60 by surferdude
2012-05-09 at 14:55
I remember reading somewhere that the person who created the patch for the Hiyori route has no intention of translating the rest of the game.

The guy who was translating Raika's route hasn't shown any signs of activity in a long time, so this is pretty much dead.
#61 by arkady18
2012-05-09 at 17:48
@Yorhel: as I've already said in my post #44
you should delete all the "candidates" from the post #34 on
For some reason most of them has been ignored
#62 by enigma
2012-05-09 at 18:04
@Yorhel: I actually thought you were away on vacation or something, seeing how there has been no edits or posts from you for a couple of days.
I will respect your decision and see how things go.
#63 by yorhel
2012-05-10 at 11:11
Meh, let's go through some of the proposed deletions that haven't been deleted yet.

This page was last modified on 3 August 2010, at 16:31.
from official page

EDIT: also, checking TLwiki's projects it seems there are a few dead projects. r3333, r6628, r2730 and r5968 are the ones I'm most sure of, but there are others that seem dead
We don't really have any established guidelines or practice with respect to considering a project as "dead", other than "proof" of the translator clearly saying it is or that absolutely nothing can be found about the project. For all we know, these project may still be alive but the site simply hasn't been updated (happens). Just listing them as candidates doesn't give us any indication of whether they're actually dead.

v10048 Haven't played this one, but for the description it seems the same thing as the one above :/
Some clear evidence there, lol. Although our policy has shifted from "please prove that this isn't a VN and we'll delete it" to "no proof that it's a VN? delete!", so I guess this can be removed soonish.

v6632 v5860 v5861 v1997
I have played v6632 for a short while and it's 3D story without text. There's only background narration and dialogs. It was more a 3D movie instead of a VN.

Simple rule of thumb: If we have guidelines/policies for having something deleted, then mentioning it here will quite quickly get it deleted. Otherwise, it may be more helpful to start a separate thread. (In some cases, that is. In other cases those threads may also get ignored because nobody feels like making a decision... VNDB has the best management ever!)Last modified on 2012-05-10 at 11:16
#64 by space-ranger
2012-05-16 at 23:48
It's just a partial translation patch and the link died when the full patch was released as a new release.
#65 by hiecchi
2012-05-17 at 17:48
Website and translationgroup are dead
vntls also said that the project is deadLast modified on 2012-05-17 at 17:48
#66 by stomp
2012-06-01 at 15:12
v9056 is an pure adventure and not a VN.
#67 by assassinator
2012-06-01 at 15:20
For some reason some person randomly added an entry for Aht (and without an image) as a main character for Kamidori. Since noone bothered to add any of the other side characters, should probably just delete the entry.

#68 by beliar
2012-06-01 at 15:46
r592 has been superseded by official releases.

Website and translationgroup are dead
Last modified on 2012-05-17 at 17:48
vntls also said that the project is dead
Partial was released, so it shouldn't be deleted.
#69 by yorhel
2012-06-02 at 06:37
For some reason some person randomly added an entry for Aht (and without an image) as a main character for Kamidori.
I'd say it's better to just fix up c4615. Nothing wrong with adding side characters.

Everything else: done.Last modified on 2012-06-02 at 06:37
#70 by warfoki
2012-06-08 at 05:28
DMCA'd. See t2768 for details (well, before it turned into a massive shitstorm of stupid, that is...)
#71 by warfoki
2012-06-10 at 05:06
I'm double posting instead of editing to bump this thread and to get Yorhel's attention on purpose. Bite me.

v10458 should go. Reason: t2784.

It's one thing that it's a troll but it can also cause seizures or get you nauseous. It sure screwed up my morning.Last modified on 2012-06-10 at 05:11
#72 by beliar
2012-06-10 at 08:14
I'll add my eight cents: r592, r9378, r16017, r16089, r16651, r4985, r8584, r9675. All of those have been superseded by newer releases.
#73 by yorhel
2012-06-10 at 12:14
I don't see how r9378 has been superseded by another release. As for the other Chiru releases: Am I correct in understanding that those partials are still applied to the full Japanese release? In which case they offer no benefit over the full translated patch?

Everything else: All done.
#74 by beliar
2012-06-10 at 12:38
Those Ars Magica releases (r16017, r16089, r16651) are already gone from their website after the full translation was released. r4985, r8584 are also gone from the site. r9675 still exists and apparently it's for EP7, thus maybe it shouldn't be deleted. I added r9378, because there has been no progress since 2010.Last modified on 2012-06-10 at 13:33
#75 by atlantima
2012-06-10 at 14:31
v10571: From the lemmasoft forum: "Oh, and no need for screenshots. There's literally nothing to see but a black screen and some text."
Doesn't sound like it qualifies as a VN. You need some visuals to be a visual novel...


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