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#76 by knivy
2012-06-10 at 14:38
v10571: It has got visuals and music in the main menu. And I think it's still a VN and not a roguelike or something. The author describes it as a visual article.
#77 by knivy
2012-06-10 at 14:51
I'm not a vegetarian actually, but I think it's interesting to read and it's rather creative in what a VN could look like. And maybe someone could find it useful for them somehow.
#78 by yorhel
2012-06-10 at 15:02
@74: Done.

On v10571: A "visual article" without visuals (save for the title screen)? So it's neither a novel nor is it accompanied by visuals. Kinda out of place here. Deleted.Last modified on 2012-06-10 at 15:04
#79 by abyssaleros
2012-06-12 at 20:10
r5920: This troll project needs severly be put to rest along with it's troll.
#80 by arkady18
2012-06-12 at 21:24
There are no releases for this producer. If they have actually released a Chinese version for School Days, someone should add it.

Yorhel, some days ago I started this thread, but no one answered. I Made some searches, but neither EGS, nor Getchu, nor DLsite nor [url0]Gyutto[/url] list that entry. So it should be deleted, unless someone can prove it actually exists.Last modified on 2012-06-12 at 21:24
#81 by yorhel
2012-06-23 at 08:16
All done. (Except, of course, v10481, as that seems to have been handled in t2789)
#82 by assassinator
2012-06-29 at 05:49
I remembered there being 2 Chinese releases for Aiyoku no Eustia. One of them was probably removed some time ago. Well there is actually 2 different translations by 2 different groups.

Can you restore the other release, or if you really don't like 2 releases, at least get rid of the 3 month speed translation in favor of the other better translation. Don't want everyone linked to the bad translation when a better one exists.
#83 by yorhel
2012-06-30 at 19:33
#82: Doesn't seem like there ever was a second chinese release entry for v3770. Feel free to create it.
#84 by assassinator
2012-07-04 at 13:10
#82: Doesn't seem like there ever was a second chinese release entry for v3770. Feel free to create it.

Sorry must have confused it with 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの then (v604, the best VN that noone here knows about, check it out if you can read Japanese or Chinese), which also has 2 (valid) translations. Stellar ☆ Theater (v1185) also lists 2 translations, but that's wrong so please delete one of the entries.

Actually, Chinese releases on VNDB are a gigantic mess as a whole.
- People like to list virtually all the translations under Sumisora when that's just a forum where people gather and post releases. That's like listing English releases under /vg/ (people gather) or erogedownload (post releases) or something... ok it's not as bad as this example, but still sort of silly. If people bother to look in the actual release threads (or simply the thread titles) it tells you what the group is most of the time. Some releases even explicitly state this in the release notes (r15112.4).
- Inconsistent naming, half the time it's pinyin (a system of Chinese romanization) and half the time the original Japanese title. This one (v57) has both, and gets additional bonus points for getting the pinyin wrong.
- People listing releases of tool sets as partial translations (r15322), and other random cool stuff like that. But S;G's release history is a giant mess in itself, so whatever. It took me like 10 minutes to figure out that release 2.1 by group A only goes up to chapter 6, while release 1.1 by group B based on release 1.0 by group A is complete...

Maybe I'll fix some entries once in a while, when I'm not feeling totally lazy.Last modified on 2012-08-12 at 12:02
#85 by orophin
2012-07-07 at 17:31
The Episode 7 patch for Umineko Chiru is no longer available on Witch Hunt's website so you might want to delete this one as well.
#86 by immlff
2012-08-09 at 20:47
v2503 - appears to be a strategy game, see review at link
v10460 - RPG with a board game elements, see gameplay description at link and link

I'm going to wait a few days and then delete both unless someone here have played them and can present some strong evidence/explanation why they should stay.
#87 by arkady18
2012-08-09 at 22:08
#88 by arkady18
2012-08-11 at 10:21
Any need to have this page?
#89 by enigma
2012-08-12 at 10:51
Two wannabe OELVN makers for you to look at.

p2958.1 This group haven't even made a website yet let alone a game. It just leads to a generic web template. Shamelessly added an entry here for a bit of attention. (check entry description)

p2957.2 The game they're working on only just started 2 days ago. They cannot release any details regarding plot, characters, etc... if they want to be that secretive, should they even have an entry here?Last modified on 2012-08-12 at 10:54
#90 by yorhel
2012-08-12 at 11:48
p2958 - They actually have a homepage at link, but nothing released yet.

Everything done (except for #86, I'll keep immlff in charge of that :-)Last modified on 2012-08-12 at 11:49
#91 by as17
2012-08-18 at 00:12
I don't know which name is correct p2396/p2327, so could you move titles to one and delete the other?
#92 by eyeless
2012-08-18 at 03:50
@91: Done.
#93 by setzer
2012-08-19 at 07:59
There has been no updates on this translation for more that two years. Probably a dead project.
#94 by immlff
2012-09-21 at 20:44

Also, I've managed to completely forget about #86. Will get to it in a moment.
#95 by warfoki
2012-09-30 at 19:14
r4507 should be removed. The translation group is long since dead.
#96 by klutch
2012-09-30 at 19:29
r5108 last activity was 3 years ago.
#97 by yorhel
2012-10-02 at 09:59
#95 and #96: Done.
#98 by warfoki
2012-10-04 at 20:49
r23127 should be removed. I went ahead and added a release to a recently added OELVN, then a few minutes later the author did the same. His version is obviously more correct and informative, so mine should be the one to be removed.Last modified on 2012-10-04 at 20:55
#99 by eyeless
2012-10-05 at 01:26
#100 by atlantima
2012-11-04 at 22:07
v11480 - duplicate of v7499


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