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#1451 by beliar
2016-04-19 at 06:11
< report >Wyq928576, I'm assuming you speak Chinese, but could you give some proof that the said translation is an MT. I Google translated the project page and, if I understand correctly, it claims that the translation took 11 months to finish. There is no way MT would take that long.
#1452 by wyq928576
2016-04-19 at 08:35
< report >^
if you can read Chinese


there are many other examples of r15675 translation quality is very bad, is a machine translation (机翻)Last modified on 2016-04-19 at 08:36
#1453 by savagetiger
2016-04-20 at 19:31
< report >r45940 dupe of r45954
#1454 by shinnew
2016-04-20 at 21:05
< report >Saitou Kenbou, Onodera Akira and Saitou Yuiyoku: aliases of Saitou Kenbou
link シナリオ担当の斎藤ケン坊氏(Sweet Emotionのシナリオ担当は小野寺アキラという名義になっていますが、これは斎藤さんのことです)

link Discoveryへ入社し、斎藤けん坊氏の元、Sweet Emotion、Mirage、Red等を作った。
link Mirage2の制作のオファーが来た。 Discoveryの企画シナリオの斎藤けん坊氏からであった。

Blog of a programmer that worked with him, all the games he mentions having made with Saitou Kenbou are credited to Onodera Akira or Saitou Willy. The name Saitou Kenbou isn't anywhere to be seen in the credits for Discovery games.

Biryuu: alias of Nanao Anzu link

Nakayama Yuki: alias of Panda link で、次は「なかやまゆき」さんだけど、「PANDA」=「なかやまゆき」なのでパス!
Context: they are taking turns writing in the staff diary and Panda says there won't be a post by Nakayama Yuki because that's also him.
#1455 by wyq928576
2016-04-21 at 10:12
< report >r39337 couldn't find any info
#1456 by wakaranai
2016-04-27 at 02:27
< report >Ozawa Akifumi no VNs
#1457 by silence
2016-04-27 at 14:28
< report >LoL, my stupid Razer mouse have generated two revisions at once with its double-click-bug. Please, delete it: link
#1458 by wakaranai
2016-04-27 at 14:38
< report >^revisions can't be deleted, only "reverted" by creating new revisions.

[technically, they can, but it would require manual altering of the database backend, and nobody besides yorhel could do that, not to mention that it would defy the very idea of the revisions implementation]
#1459 by silence
2016-04-27 at 14:50
< report >OK, never mind.

There is a mystery again: link
I swear I didn't change the description. I guess it was reverted to the previous state. Partially >_<

^Corrected that. Still don't understand, wtf.Last modified on 2016-04-27 at 15:08
#1460 by nekonekogirl
2016-04-28 at 09:29
< report >All unreleased chapters of DoubleScore seem to be officially dropped after this statement from the company: link]
#1461 by wyq928576
2016-04-29 at 00:38
< report >r46037 not a real release. t7743
#1462 by anonymous
2016-04-29 at 16:02
< report >agree with above it should be removed, it appears to just be separate downloads of pre-patched games in a baidu folder.Last modified on 2016-04-29 at 16:06
#1463 by traumatizer
2016-04-30 at 19:15
< report >Matsui Erika = Imai Asami

Proof: link , not to mention I immediately recognized that voice (just listen to it.) The X version has a different voice.Last modified on 2016-05-01 at 13:26
#1464 by wyq928576
2016-05-02 at 15:04
< report >r20370 last update 2011-03-04
#1465 by wakaranai
2016-05-03 at 02:54
< report >nvmLast modified on 2016-05-03 at 03:04
#1466 by vario
2016-05-03 at 22:37
< report >r12880 and r22572 because there is now Ever17 (created with the permission: t6090).
#1467 by wakaranai
2016-05-03 at 23:33
< report >^or you could just have edited them and link to Ever17 instead of creating brand new releases.
#1468 by wakaranai
2016-05-04 at 07:39
< report >Renge duplicate of Renge
#1469 by wyq928576
2016-05-04 at 15:17
< report >Sili Xiufeng Xueyuan Hanhuazu duplicate of Sili Siufeng Xueyuan Hanhuazu. sorry
#1470 by savagetiger
2016-05-06 at 05:10
< report >Kajiura Kosaku dupe of Kajiura Kousaku
#1471 by traumatizer
2016-05-06 at 17:09
< report >Manome Ruka = Matsuyama Sayaka

Source: link

Shibo Rei = Shimizu Ai

Source: linkLast modified on 2016-05-07 at 17:52
#1472 by anonymous
2016-05-07 at 15:02
< report >..Last modified on 2016-05-10 at 12:54
#1473 by ano
2016-05-11 at 07:22
< report >? should be removed.
It's a random sex scene character with name, voice, but no sprite.
If this one is added, then the others characters in a similar role (over 20 of them) would need to be added too).
As a parting gift, let's call her by her name: Sasaki AiLast modified on 2016-05-11 at 07:25
#1474 by dk382
2016-05-11 at 07:31
< report >Sorry, I thought we cleaned up all of tyciol's mess many months ago but I guess we missed some.

At least he's been a little better lately in his second account...
#1475 by eacil
2016-05-11 at 08:01
< report >Shhhhh, we are not supposed to know!
I saw an improvement too. He is no longer asking who is the "old guy crawling in the background of the bathroom, the one with the red t-shirt we only see the left leg" in twenty simultaneous threads, resulting in a left leg old guy with the red t-shirt entry. It was funny in its own way.